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The 45th anniversary of the proclamation of Juan Carlos de Borbón as King of Spain is commemorated this Sunday, November 22, in an unusual situation, with the protagonist outside the country and with a drip of investigations and news about his alleged businesses and accounts opaque that tarnish his legacy.

The Francoist Cortes witnessed, two days after the death of dictator Francisco Franco on November 20, 1975, the ceremony of oath of the new head of state which opened the door to the path to democracy, known as the Spanish transition.

It was a historic day for Spain. The cry of Long live the king! it resounded again in the Palacio de la Carrera de San Jerónimo, current Congress of Deputies, 44 years after the proclamation of the Second Republic (April 14, 1931) and the departure of Alfonso XIII from the country began that long parenthesis for the Spanish monarchical institution.

“My great concern was: Franco died, How am I going to do it to establish democracy? (…) I will need a minimum of time for them to understand well what I intend to do ”, Juan Carlos de Borbón confessed to the Spanish writer José Luis de Vilallonga in the conversations that he collects in his book“ The King ”.

Key figure on the road to democracy

And he himself reveals what Torcuato Fernández Miranda, his teacher, counselor and one of the main leaders of the Transition, told him about his concerns.

“Your first speech, he said, will be the key to the whole change, and in it you will have to say to the Spanish: this is what I intend to do and this is how I am going to do it.”

From the hand of that advice, Juan Carlos I prepared his first words as monarch wanting to make it clear, as he has repeated on numerous occasions, that he wanted to be the king of all Spaniards.

Thus began 45 years ago a long and difficult path in which almost unanimously there was recognition of the work that the now king emeritus was carrying out, especially after the coup attempt on February 23, 1981, which he maintained Spanish democracy in suspense.

King Juan Carlos de Borbón during his proclamation 45 years ago. (Guatevisión photo: EFE)

Compliments and thanks His work was evident in the commemorations throughout the years from the date of its proclamation.

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From praise to suspicion

In 2015, on the 40th anniversary of that ceremony, it was the current King of Spain, Felipe VI, who paid tribute to his father for having starred in a project of national harmony.

Since then, events and news have been happening around the emeritus king that have led to the opening of three investigations by the Spanish Supreme Court Prosecutor’s Office.

The first, about an account in Switzerland attributed to him and the possible charging of commissions for the high-speed train to Mecca, and the second, related to the use of opaque cards with another name.

They have been joined by a last avenue of investigation for an alleged money laundering after the Prosecutor’s Office received a report from the public body in charge of supervising and preventing this type of crime.

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The investigations continue with King Juan Carlos outside of Spain since last August 3, when decided to temporarily fix your residence in another country before the public repercussion of “certain past events” of his private life, and to provide Felipe VI with the tranquility and calm that the exercise of his functions requires.

Fourteen days later, the Royal House reported that, since that date, he was in the United Arab Emirates.

There you can recall this Sunday the journey that began 45 years ago and that throughout the decades added applause almost unanimous that, without a doubt and given the evolution of events, he will miss at this time.

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