Apple's sleek new iPhone 11 Pro Max and its iPhone Xs Max 2018 have proven to be better than Samsung's latest and greatest … at least in terms of speaker playback and audio recording.

DxOMark recently announced that it is not only putting heart and kidney tests on the front and rear camera, but is also testing the sound of every device that enters its state-of-the-art laboratory in the French capital, Paris.

So far, only seven mobile phones have been tested in the new category: the Huawei Mate 20 X, the iPhone Xs Max, the iPhone 11 Pro Max, the Galaxy S10 +, the Galaxy Note 10+, the Honor 20 Pro, and the Sony Xperia 1.

Huawei's monstrous 7.2-inch handset scored 75 points. One of the main reasons for this is certainly that the Chinese handset has two top and bottom two-way speakers that can produce powerful sound.

Interestingly, Apple's iPhone Xs Max 2018 is said to be more powerful in terms of audio playback and capture than the iPhone 11 Pro Max this year.

The Xs Max was just one point behind the Mate 20 X and was praised for its good spatial sound and its ability to produce loud audio without distortion.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max was still awarded a remarkable score of 71. However, it has been found that the device delivers less accurate spatial audio than the Xs Max.

Both Apple devices, however, have prevailed against the Samsung Galaxy S10 + and the touch 10+. This makes the iPhone a better choice for those who want to immerse themselves in endless Netflix shows or the latest blockbusters.

The Galaxy S10 + and the 10+ score got final scores of 65 and 66, respectively. Both were criticized for not being strong enough with respect to the bass.

In the meantime, in particular, the S10 + should not have exceeded the overall volume and gaming performance.

Against this background, both South Korean mobile phones claimed to perform well overall. They were overshadowed only by Apple's and Huawei's better performance in DxOMark's new reviews.

The conclusion of the release for the S10 + is: "The Samsung Galaxy S10 + provides overall solid performance for both recording and playback of audio in most applications.

"A lack of bass performance can be a problem for some, especially if the relative volume of the device is insufficient. These weaknesses are contrasted in our tests with a good soundstage and a strong and well-balanced recording performance.

The verdict for the 10+ rating was: "The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ has a large HD display that simply invites the user to play movies. Multiple cameras invite the user to create their own video content. It could be argued that Samsung has just achieved this for playback.

"The playback of the files we used to test all of our devices was largely reflected by the 10+ grade on the smartphone's speakers. Nevertheless, we would expect for this price that the device performs better on bass and volume. "