iPhone 12, Apple’s new invention

iPhone 12, Apple’s new invention

Apple continues to surprise its users, this time it comes with the iPhone 12. The phone that is seen as the latest in mobile technology. For 2007 Apple innovated with the iPhone, a device that surprised by its modern design. The keyless phones that innovated the market return loaded with more surprises.

Tim Cook, executive director of the company, presented the new iPhone 12 line to the media. This line brings with it four models that promise to incorporate innovations such as 5G technology. These are, the iPhone 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max. 12 mini and 12 standard version. Versions of the phone vary in their dimensions and technical specifications.

Cook mentioned that the new models will be fast, advanced and bring camera optimization. Similarly, the novelty of 5G technology will allow the downloading of files quickly. Users will also be able to play 4K videos.


The company has been publicizing its revenue for a couple of years. Financial results for the iPhone in the first quarter of 2019 correspond to 84.3 billion dollars. Compared to 2018, iPhone revenues decreased by 15%. On the other hand, revenues from Mac®, as well as Wearables, Home and Accessories grew by 9% and 33% respectively.

Compared to previous figures, in the first quarter of this year Apple recorded an increase of 9%. It achieved revenue of $ 91.8 billion. Its quarterly earnings per diluted share were $ 4.99, representing an increase of 10%.

The prices of the new iPhone 12 models vary from 3′,660,402 to 7′,297,982 million pesos.

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