iPhone 13: Apple’s next phone would have a smaller battery

Although they have just presented the iPhone 12, Apple does not usually stay with arms crossed and would already be working on its new telephone that would come with a smaller battery than conventional ones.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at TFI Securities, Apple’s next phones will feature a new technology called a soft plate that will allow its next devices to be thinner.

According to 9to5mac, a portal specialized in technology, those from Cupertino would work with a Chinese company called Jialianyi that is dedicated to the manufacture of soft plate batteries.

Thanks to this component, the iPhone 13 it would have a better autonomy, since its battery would be more efficient. Also, the equipment would be thinner, since the battery would be smaller.

In addition to soft plate batteries, the firm founded by Steve Jobs would use more efficient displays in its next phones, that is, it would use 10-20% less energy than the iPhone 12.

Equipment without charger

Due to its commitment to the environment, Apple decided that its new equipment does not include a charger, nor headphones. This decision was not well received by users on social networks.

In France, the laws prevent a company from selling a cell phone without hearing aids. For this reason, the apple company had the obligation to deliver free headphones that come in another box.

Although Chile There was a similar problem, since the regulations prevent the sale of equipment without chargers, the authorities highlighted that the law is directed to other electrical appliances (refrigerators, televisions) and not cell phones.


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