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After receiving a variety of rumors and information leaks, the British media TechRadar announced this Saturday that the US company Apple plans to launch the iPhone 13 at the end of next year.

The news shook fans of the brand, who were just beginning to familiarize themselves with the latest launch of the company, which released the 12th model of the iconic smartphones in October.

TechRadar reported that the creators of the iPhone 13 are working to refine the model, improve the internal system and add a much more powerful camera.

TechRadar’s assumptions about the iPhone 13

When does it come out? Probably in September 2021, but the date may vary depending on the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic.

For the past 10 years, Apple kicked off its event launches in early September. However, this tradition changed in 2020 due to the Covid-19 crisis, which delayed the arrival of parts for the manufacture of new products.

The iPhone 12 version, which has 4 smartphone models, which was released in two batches, two in October and another two in November.

How much will it cost? The medium presumes that the value will have a basis of 699 dollarsas you expect it to be priced similarly to the latest model.


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