iPhone accessories: Apple: iPhone 11 won’t come with a charging adapter either | Click | Technology at Caracol Radio

Apple recently presented all the details of a new generation of mobile devices. Among the announcements, the company argued that as part of its commitment to the environment, now their devices would not include some of the traditional accessories.

This ad, left several users with a tasteless, because If you want to purchase a charging adapter, it will be necessary to purchase it additionally. What was not expected was that their commitment would expand to other brand devices.

Apple will continue to sell the model of the iPhone 11 next to iPhone XR Y iPhone SE. However, their box was modified and they did not include a charger or headphones.

“In the packaging of all iPhones, we are replacing the power adapter and the EarPods, which are often not used, for something super useful like the USB-C to Lightning fast charging cable. This reduces the size of the packaging, which allows us to put more boxes in a container and thus reduce the total number of shipments, “adds the official website.

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