IPhone and Mac users are urged to install Apple software update after dangerous error encountered

Apple users have been urged to install new updates as soon as possible after a major bug was found.

The company cautioned that the bug “may have been actively exploited,” suggesting that the threat is not merely theoretical.

The problem would allow attackers to run malicious code on the devices, potentially threatening other information stored on them.

Apple did not provide any information on who is using the exploits or who has been affected by them.

Apple provided little additional information about the possible attack, including how dangerous it could be. But he pointed out that the problem was with WebKit, the software used to render web pages on his devices, and which appears in a myriad of different places, as well as in his Safari browser.

“Processing malicious web content can lead to arbitrary code execution,” it wrote in its security update information. “Apple is aware of a report indicating that this problem may have been actively exploited.”

Unlike the recent iOS 14.5 update, which included a range of new additions, including anti-tracking technologies and a new option to unlock phones with a skin, the new update does not include any new features. If the phone has been updated automatically, then there would be no obvious way that iOS would have changed, other than the new version number in the Settings app.

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Security experts urged users to update their devices to ensure they were protected against attack, and cautioned that the fact that the new update was issued so soon after that high-profile version could indicate that the bug is particularly dangerous.

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“When Apple releases multiple updates in rapid succession, it highlights the severity of the release. Apple is an ongoing target and has a duty to protect its users, ”said Jake Moore, ESET Cybersecurity Specialist. “Such exploits could be tremendously effective and it is vital that people take responsibility where they can and update as soon as possible.

“Many people still mistakenly think that an update will take too long or even damage their device and data. However, if these devices are not up to date with the latest operating system, procrastination will leave your data in much greater danger. “

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