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Apple launched its new Macs with new processors in recent days, while some users around the world are already receiving, at their doorstep, what would be the new iPhone 12 Pro Max or the iPhone 12 Mini, depending on the version they have purchased via the cupertino page.

However, currently the button to turn the power on and off iPhone It serves not only to fulfill the aforementioned function, but to be able to call Siri, the voice assistant of Apple.

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This is sometimes annoying for some who do not use Siri in their daily lives. That is why, if you have a cupertino device, these are the steps you must take in order to deactivate it for life.

  • To do this, you must go to the settings of your iPhone updated to iOS 14.
  • Then go to Accessibility.
  • Select the side button.
  • Long press to speak or summon Siri.
  • And then it will already be disabled.
This way you can deactivate Siri on your Apple cell phone. (Photo: Apple)


These are all the news of the iPhone 12

These are the news of the new iPhone 12


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