Iran claims victory over US as arms embargo expires

In the middle of the third wave of coronavirus and with negative marks in deaths and daily infected that exceed those of March, Hasan Rohani congratulated the population on Saturday for the lifting of the “oppressive” arms embargo conventions, imposed in 2007 by the UN Security Council and expiring this Sunday “despite four years of US efforts” to prevent it.

The regime can now buy and sell weapons freely, something they have hardly been able to do since the establishment of the Islamic republic because they have always been subjected to punishment. Rohani won the last two elections with the promise that the nuclear pact would bring benefits and presents the end of the embargo, included in UN resolution 2231, which validated the 2015 agreement, as a triumph for its negotiators.

«It is clear that both the UN and most of its members reject Trump’s policy of maximum pressure and his attempts to violate resolution 2231 have led him to isolation, “spokesman for Iran’s mission to the United Nations, Alireza Miryousefi, told Newsweek. The diplomat announced that his country has “many friends, business allies and has a strong domestic industry to guarantee defense.”

Iran was a satellite country of the United States until the triumph of the Islamic revolution and the Shá had an arsenal provided by his great ally. This changed with the emergence of Khomeini and that arsenal was depleted in the eight years of war with Iraq. Since then, problems with Washington forced him to develop a national industry that has developed based on making new versions of old weapons and copies of other armies.

The Economist ‘pointed out that a part of the Iranian arsenal consists of “museum pieces” and recalled that his air force still uses the ’70s fighter made famous in the movie’ Top Gun ‘. Their regional rivals such as Israel or Saudi Arabia, on the other hand, acquire leading equipment every year

Internal political tension

This “historic day”, according to the Iranian media, did not ease the internal political tension and the ultra-conservative MP Mojtaba Zolnuri charged against Rohani and asked the Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, to order “his execution a thousand times.” Zolnuri did not forgive the moderate cleric leaving the door open for negotiations with the United States.

Iranians are following the electoral campaign with attention and there is expectation to know Joe Biden’s strategy in case of victory. Current President Donald Trump broke the pact and reimposed sanctions despite Tehran’s compliance with the nuclear deal, according to the International Atomic Energy Agency.


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