Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif has lowered the impact of US interim elections on relations between Tehran and Washington, adding that Iran needs to focus more on its own actions than expect changes to take place outside of its borders.
"We do not formulate our policy on the basis of US internal affairs," Zarif said in a recent radio interview when asked if the outcome of Congressional congressional elections in 2018 will affect the nature of bilateral relations.
In the midterm elections on November 6, the Democrats had regained control of the House of Representatives, while the Republicans were able to expand their majority in the Senate, Reuters reported.
"We do not make decisions based on US internal developments, and it can not be said that the Democrats are prepared to deal with Iran and the Republicans are not. This is a reality that both Republicans and Democrats disagree with Iran, and there is no doubt about it, "quoted ISNA on Saturday in the interview.
The top diplomat said that as a person who has studied international relations, he predicts that the election results will pose new challenges to the administration of US President Donald Trump.
These problems, however, have nothing to do with Iran's foreign policy or the nuclear agreement with the world powers that Trump gave up earlier this year, he added.

Proactive attitude

The foreign minister claims that Iran must take the necessary steps to advance its policy and isolate the United States.
"Iran is a major actor on the world stage, and it all depends on how effectively the foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran isolates the United States as a result of its bullying and dominance policies. We should rely more on our actions than on American domestic politics, "he added, adding that he highlighted this point in comments to USA Today before the election.
"In a sentence, we do not hope [midterm elections] or [the] 2020 [presidential election], Iran differs from some US customers in the region not only in the United States, but also in the United States. Iran has in the past been run by Democratic and Republican authorities … all hostile In the interview that was released the day before the elections, in response to whether the Democrats' winnings for Iran are good because they may have a review of the Agenda of Trump.
The minister believes that the best way to overcome US sanctions must not be intimidated by the psychological war against the country.
"The Americans want to keep us in a state of uncertainty about the future and prolong the situation," he said on the radio broadcast, adding that Iran should not play in the hands of the US.
Zarif also said that the nation should rely on domestic potential and human resources to tackle economic challenges.


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