Is an Apple Car made by Hyundai imminent?

Apple is still looking for partners to help make the Apple Car; that is, your electric vehicle for high-volume production. We talk about the known as Project Titan, Of which hardly anything had been heard again until the news of the last few weeks. The deadlines to achieve it remain a mystery, but one of the companies familiar with the plans has given a clue.

As reported by the specialized media Korea IT News, right now the agreement is closer than ever. It could be announced as early as March 2021, and production of the Apple Car would be brought forward to 2024. The car would be assembled at the factory that has That in the state of Georgia (EE.UU.). Hyundai owns 34% of Kia, while the latter is minority shareholder in 22 companies majority owned by Hyundai. However, the joint construction of a new factory between Apple and Hyundai is not ruled out. A first prototype would be ready next year. Interestingly, Korea IT news withdrew the details about where it would be manufactured and the deadlines in a later update of the information.

The first signs, with the new year

Last week, Hyundai Motors limited itself to confirming that it had held negotiations with Apple to collaborate on the project. The Korean manufacturer also estimated that the technology giant will have spoken with other builders. “As the discussion is in its initial stage, nothing has been decided yet ”, declared these sources of Hyundai to the American television CNBC. This medium was interested in the information that appeared in the newspaper “Korea Economic Daily”. They stated that Apple’s proposal includes the manufacture of both a car and its batteries … and that Hyundai was thinking about it. According to this same source, the Apple Car would be launched on the market in the year 2027.

In the face of all these speculations, Hyundai decided to issue an official statement in which it avoided mentioning Apple explicitly; however, it confirmed all other extremes. “We have received requests for cooperation potential of various companies, in relation to the development of autonomous driving electric vehicles ”, indicated the company. However, “no decision has been made.” They said that the discussions were in a “early phase“.

As a result of these leaks, Hyundai Motor shares rose about 20% during the first days of January, and again another 20% this Monday. Recently, the agency Reuters It was already advancing that Apple was looking for partners in the automotive industry, to make its vehicle a reality. In December it also emerged that Apple was holding conversations with TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation). This company would make chips for autonomous driving devices. TSMC is already a supplier to Apple for many of its internals.

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