Is Beskar Steel from Star Wars stronger than Vibranium from Marvel?

The Beskar steel armor of the Mandalorian is highly prized in the Star Wars universe, but how does it compare to Black Panther’s Vibranium?

In The mandalorian The main character wears a suit made of nearly indestructible Beskar steel forged by Mandalorian gunsmiths. The armor allows him to ignore laser fire, even at close range, and is highly sought after by thieves and mercenaries. Beskar is a highly prized substance in the Star Wars universe and is considered a valuable commodity, but it is as strong as the Vibranium produced in Black panthers kingdom of Wakanda.

It’s an intriguing question, especially since both types of metals have distinctive properties that make them so valuable in their respective fictional universes. To answer this, we will have to take a closer look at what Beskar and Vibranium are capable of, and why their uses make them so ideal for the stories in which they appear.

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Beskar Steel: El metal de Mandalore

The Mandalorian End - Command and the Gunsmith

Also known as Mandalorian iron, Beskar steel is primarily used in Mandalorian armor. As such, it is forged to be incredibly resistant to both high impact and high levels of heat. According to Strategic Resources of the Galaxy, the Beskar ore can only be found on the planet Mandalore. Mandalore’s smiths developed specialized skills for working in beskar that are unknown to outsiders. While Beskar is resistant to extreme forms of damage, metal workers can turn it into any plate, laminate, wire, mesh, or film they want. Metalworkers also amplify Beskar’s strength during the forging process, making it even more resistant to damage.

Due to its scarcity and durability, Beskar steel was used as a commodity by the Empire and traded as gold in the form of bullion. It is difficult to determine how much Beskar is worth. In the time of The Mandalorian, exchange rates are in a constant state of flux due to the fall of the Empire. Imperial credits are not as valuable as they used to be (although they are still spent in certain areas). The Mandalorian actually rejects the Imperial credits, but considers Beskar extremely valuable, not only for his monetary value but also for his value to the Mandalorian community. Even after the Mandalorian Gunsmith transforms a single Beskar ingot into a shoulder plate, he informs the Mandalorian that the excess will patronize many foundlings, indicating that even small amounts of Beskar are more stable than Imperial coin.

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Despite his strength, Beskar can be weakened, as the Mandalorian mentioned that his armor had “lost its integrity”. However, once he was paid a massive amount of Beskar, the Mandalorian Armorer created an entirely new armor for him that appears virtually indestructible. He has received laser fire on his helmet and chest at close range with no permanent ill effects, and the armor itself also appears to remain intact even after multiple shots fired. And while he has yet to face a Jedi, the Beskar armor is capable of withstanding even the blows of a lightsaber. Certain stories even indicate that Beskar’s steel walls only receive scratches from a lightsaber.

About the only thing that can destroy Beskar is the Arc Pulse Generator, a Sabine Wren-designed oversoul that could target the Beskar in Mandalorian armor and overheat it until the target vaporizes. Wren managed to destroy the weapon with the Darksaber, but the fact that such technology existed means that it could always be rebuilt to threaten the Mandalorians in the future.

Vibranium: Pride of Wakanda

Vibranium is known as a rare metal mined in the African nation of Wakanda. Although there are other forms of vibranium, such as “Antarctic vibranium”, Wakandan vibranium is a virtually indestructible alloy that can absorb enormous amounts of kinetic energy. This energy is stored within the molecular bonds of the metal and dissipated. As a result, Vibranium-forged armor and weapons can take tremendous hits without damaging the metal or the person wielding the armor or weapons.

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Beyond absorbing and storing kinetic energy, Wakandan Vibranium can also release large amounts of stored energy. The metal has other useful properties, including its ability to emit radiation that can promote beneficial mutations in flora or fauna. This has produced the Heart Shaped Grass that granted superhuman abilities to Wakanda’s Black Panther line of warriors. It can also enhance mystical energies, making it a highly desired product valued at $ 10,000 per gram.

Due to its almost indestructible nature, shaping Vibranium is challenging. According to The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, Vibranium has a melting point of 5475 degrees Fahrenheit and a freezing point of -395.4 degrees Fahrenheit. Forging it into armor or a weapon would require a high level of heat … or a Molecular Reorganizer. Introduced in Avengers # 66, this device makes rigid substances malleable by manipulating their molecular structures. The Molecular Reorganizer has been used to reshape Adamantium, a substance stronger than Vibranium, indicating that (or similar technology) is used in Wakanda to create Vibranium tools and devices.

And once the Vibranium is made into armor or weapons, its uses are remarkable. Captain America’s shield (which is made from an Adamantium-Vibranium compound in the comics) has received massive amounts of shots that couldn’t even scratch its surface. It has allowed him to survive multi-story drops by absorbing most of the impact, and even taking hits from beings comparable in strength to Thor.

Beskar vs Vibranium: Which is more difficult?

Mandalorian black panther

When comparing Beskar and Vibranium, one important detail stands out. While Vibranium has an incredibly high melting point, Beskar can withstand lightsaber strikes, which generate a lot of heat. So how much heat does a lightsaber produce? Since a lightsaber is a plasma blade driven by a kyber crystal, it stands to reason that the blade is as hot as a real-world plasma flame cutter, which can produce flames of up to 45,000 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows a plasma cutter to cut through many durable types of metals, just as Jedi Knights have used their own lightsabers to cut through blaster doors, droids, and other resistant substances. However, since Vibranium has a melting point of 5475 degrees Fahrenheit, a lightsaber could melt through it over time. Vibranium could absorb the kinetic energy from a lightsaber strike, but it couldn’t withstand heat for an extended period.

Meanwhile, Beskar’s steel seems designed to be primarily heat resistant, given that bounty hunters in the Star Wars universe have to guard against lasers and plasma blades on a regular basis and not worry about bullets like Captain America and the Panther. Black . That is not to say that a lightsaber cannot pierce the Mandalorian armor, but it would take much longer to generate the heat required to penetrate this alloy compared to Vibranium. Vibranium could still outperform Beskar in some areas; for example, its ability to absorb kinetic energy could make it more effective in protecting itself against physical shock. It also seems to have more versatile uses than Beskar. However, when it comes to sheer durability, Mandaloriano Beskar is much stronger than the Black panthers Vibranium.

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