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A sequel to StarCraft II It seems inevitable, but it’s possible that Blizzard has finally put the gears in gear for a third installment. In a new to update pertaining to the future of StarCraft II, the developer and publishing giant suggested it was distancing itself from the game for a decade in order to think more about “what’s next.” While that could mean anything (movie ?, card game ?, another off-season joke from April Fools?), It sounds StarCraft III for us.

“We know that some of our players have been looking forward to some of the things that we are moving away from, but the good news is that this change will allow us to think about what’s next, not just regarding StarCraft II, but for the Star boat universe as a whole, ”wrote Rob Bridenbecker (Executive Producer, Vice President of Blizzard Entertainment).

Some fans are convinced that a third installment won’t happen for a variety of plausible reasons, such as the fact that From StarCraft II the engine keeps running strong (how different would it be StarCraft III be on a technical level, really?). Too, StarCraft II he did a pretty decent job concluding the story of Jim Raynor, Sarah Kerrigan, and other important people. With that said, our introductory point still stands, at that StarCraft III it would be a guaranteed source of income for Activision and Blizzard.

Regarding those immediate changes, Blizzard announced that StarCraft II you would no longer get additional content for purchase. These include bonus characters, announcers, skin packs, and premium game rooms.

“We will continue to support StarCraft II in the same way that we have done with our previous games, such as Brood War, focusing primarily on what matters most to our core and competitive communities, “explained Bridenbecker.

What this means is that we will not be producing additional content for purchase, such as Commanders and War Chests, but we will continue to make necessary seasonal rolls and balancing fixes in the future. On that last note, we are not planning a fourth quarter balance update given we did one a few months ago, but as always, we plan to continue to do so as needed going forward. “

StarCraft II was released more than a decade ago, in July 2010. Unlike the original, the game was designed as a kind of trilogy, comprising a base game (Wings of liberty) and two later expansions (Swarm heart, Legacy of the void). The game also received a campaign pack in 2016 called Nova covert operations, starring the psionic ghost agent Nova Terra.

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