Host Peter Hooton returned to the new season with Allez Les Rouges of Blood Red for the first time to think about the UEFA Super Cup victory in Istanbul.

Together with regulars John Nicolson, Kieth Culvin and musician Kieran Molyneux, who is represented in the BOSS Nights throughout Europe, the panel discussed the main themes of the game.

Adrian's penalty shoot-out and the impact of VAR show that there is no lack of issues coming from the bank on Roberto Firmino's cameo.

Let's come to the weekend and there is also a lot to tell about the trip to the south coast on Saturday against Southampton.

Before visiting St. Marys, Peter recalls the recent defeat of the Reds by the Saints and how far Liverpool have come since their 3-3 defeat in March 2016.

As the pre-match selection is also an important issue and Liverpool will be relegated to extra time in Istanbul, the panel is also considering whether it is time to launch Rhian Brewster.

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As Kieran joins the boys in the studio, he also speaks before the Friday night show with live music by Kieran and Jamie Webster celebrating the life of Jack McLoughlin.

"This Charming Man" will take place on Friday, August 16 at Phase 1, 40 Seel Street.