Is the UK falling apart?

In Northern Ireland, Brexit is fueling sectarian tensions, more and more Scots are calling for independence, and national cohesion does not seem to mean much to many British people. Is the UK slipping into a state crisis after leaving the EU?

In Northern Ireland in particular, Brexit has heated up the political climate. In the picture a slogan of Irish nationalists in Derry, the city in Northern Ireland, which is called “Londonderry” by unionists.

Caro / Keystone

When Boris Johnson pondered in 2016 whether he should support Brexit or remain in the EU in the referendum, he wrote two opposing leading articles. In the end, he decided on the column for Brexit, became the face of the Leave campaign and later the prime minister who was supposed to bring about the exit from the EU. In the article for remaining in the EU, which later became public, Johnson argued that a Brexit backed only by England could lead to “the collapse of the United Kingdom”. Now this danger seems to be more tangible since Brexit was actually implemented at the beginning of the year. The newspaper published under the dramatic headline «Divided Kingdom» “Sunday Times” recently the results of polls, according to which half of the Scots and Northern Irish and a third of the Welsh people want to vote quickly to leave the UK. A commentator for the magazine «Foreign Policy» already described Brexit as a “death knell” for the Union.

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