Is this the true origin of the Darth Vader mask?

Warning: this note incluye spoilers de Star Wars Adventures #13.

If you are a Star Wars fan you probably know that Darth Vader got his helmet from the events of Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, but a new comic in the series has revealed that Anakin Skywalker wore a very similar mask long before he fell into it. Dark side.

While recent Star Wars novels and comics have made Darth Vader’s story more tragic, Star Wars Adventures has been adding a fun twist to canon, and this time they’ve made a curious reveal about the helmet (via ScreenRant).

When Anakin was serving as Padmé’s bodyguard, and also was her secret husband, during the period of the animated series Clone Wars, there was a mission that made him have to wear a helmet equipped with a gas mask that looks very familiar, as you can see in the following images:

In Star Wars Adventures # 13 by Elsa Charretier and Pierrick Colinet a mission is shown where Padmé has to attend some special presentations of the famous actress Risha Synata, who was admired even by Anakin until it was discovered that she was an agent of the Separatists who tried to kill the galactic senator.

In this story Padmé and Anakin discover a message from Count Dooku where he tells Risha to put on a gas mask together with her protagonist, as the plan was to fill the theater with deadly gas to assassinate politicians loyal to the Republic. Because of this the couple decided to act, with Padmé evacuating the audience and Anakin taking the stage to confront the actress.

Risha was a Star Wars historian, and her work that night was inspired by the Jedi, so Anakin has to put on the suit selected for the villain of the play, and fate is ironic since this is where he uses the outfit Similar to the one he would wear years later as Darth Vader, including the cape and mask with the iconic silhouette.

All of this leaves fans with some questions like, was the mask common as a portable air supply or was it just fan service?

Star Wars Adventures # 13 from IDW Comics is out now.

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