Israeli media: New Iranian military ship is “a floating arsenal”

An Israeli newspaper, referring to the advanced Iranian transatlantic ship Martyr Rudaki, wrote that it is “an asymmetric threat and a floating arsenal.”

“On the surface, this military vessel is just a transport ship, but Iran has equipped its deck with a variety of weapons to showcase its capabilities.”, reads a report published on Saturday by the Israeli newspaper The Jerusalem Post, alluding to the new Iranian military ship, called the Martyr Rudaki, which was unveiled on Thursday in the waters of southern Iran.

The Zionist regime newspaper made such comments, to later report that, according to aerial images, the Martyr Rudaki “It is equipped with several operational boats. It also has a Jordad 3 air defense system and military helicopters, drones [drones] and anti-ship missiles. This ship is a floating arsenal or a floating market [de armas]”.

The Jerusalem Post He also noted the deployment, on the ship, of Qader long-range anti-ship missiles, the Iranian version of China’s C-802 missile system, and asserted that this ship “could constitute a disproportionate threat to the US”.

Also, according to the report, although the operational focus of the Iranian Army of the Guardian Corps of the Islamic Revolution (IRGC) is in the Persian Gulf, the ship could be sent to the Mediterranean Sea or help Iran to collect information in Yemeni waters.

Iranian military experts describe the Martyr Rudaki ship as “a mobile naval city”, which is fully ready to carry out ocean missions, as well as ensuring the safety of shipping lines and providing assistance to Iranian commercial fleets and US ships. regional countries on the high seas.

The Persian country, even under the sanctions regime it is in, has made considerable progress in the defense industry, achieving self-sufficiency in the production of different types of weapons and military systems. It has also made spectacular progress in the production of military ships and submarines.

However, the Iranian Armed Forces assure that they are not seeking a war with anyone, although they warn that they will respond to the slightest intention to undermine Iran’s security, especially in the Persian Gulf, an area that is considered one of the red lines of the Republic. Islamic

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