A young woman left behind with zig-zag scars after she was glazed on her face one night, says she feels her life is over.

Twenty-two-year-old Abbie Watson was traveling with her boyfriend one night when she was punched in the face by trainee beautician Demi Marshall with a glass of wine.

Wales Online reports that Watson's friend, 23-year-old James Glasby, lost his wallet one night in a pub in February and asked if Marshall had seen it.

The 26-year-old Marshall saw red and broke a glass of "with some force" in Abbie's face before he pulled it down.

Abbie Watson introduced herself to her injuries.

Abbie said in a statement read out on the Cardiff Crown Court on the victim's effects, "This incident has ruined my life."

She added that for months she had been unable to look at her reflection and "had to remove all the mirrors in the house because I found it too exciting."

Watson received two blood transfusions and 65 punctures during an operation to close the wound in her face and was left with facial injuries including a wound on her eye and a broken cheekbone.

22-year-old Abbie needed stitches from her chin to over her eye. The scarring has not healed months later.

"When my mother saw my face, she just screamed, I'll never forget it & # 39;

Abbie said about the incident, which lasted between 30 seconds per minute: "Her reaction was explosive, she yelled at me and just lost her.

I turned to confront her, but at that moment she lunged at me and pushed me in the face with a broken glass of wine.

"She had cracked her glass at the bar to break it, and in a fraction of a second it had hit my cheek and pulled it down.

"I was freezing cold, everyone in the pub piled their coats on me while I waited for an ambulance.

"My friend was desperate, he tried to tell me that everything was alright, but I could see how scared he was.

"When my mother saw my face, she just screamed, I'll never forget it."

Demi Marshall

Attacker Marshall of Clytha Square, Newport, denied the injury with serious assault but was convicted by a jury following a lawsuit and detained for six years in September.

The court was told that Marshall has two children and had no criminal records or cautions. She had studied at Nantgarw College to be educated as a beautician.

Abbie said, "Demi has been imprisoned for six years, but she will serve only three.

"It's not enough for the terrible trauma I suffered.

"I did not look in a mirror for three months or went to my front door.

"I am 22 years old and have antidepressants, I am too scared to go out on my own, I do not want to go back to work yet.

"It feels like my life is over."

Exterior GV images of the Cardiff Crown Court, Cathays, Cardiff Richard Williams – 07/01/2015

In March, recorder David Elias QC condemned Marshall's ruling in March: "What you've done has caused terrible facial injuries, it's bad enough to be scarred at all, but being scared in the face that way means it's constantly it is remembered.

"To cause these types of injuries with these consequences must be answered with the right punishment."

He found out that her intention was formed "spontaneously".



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