“It is impossible for a footballer to confess that he is homosexual”

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Héctor Bellerín He is a very eccentric player and this always puts him in focus. The player of the Arsenal He has gotten into more than one puddle for teaching his preferences when it comes to dressing, how he thinks about certain issues and having a life that transcends the football fields. The side has been the protagonist this weekend and not because of the game between the Londoners and the Manchester City. He has given an interview in The Times where he has spoken about the homophobia that makes this sport not yet prepared to assimilate that footballers confess their homosexuality.

“It is impossible for a footballer to declare himself homosexual. Some fans are not prepared. In rugby the fans ended up respecting him, but the football culture is different. Revealing that you are homosexual can be very unpleasant,” explains the right-back. Bellerín has already been very critical of this situation in the past, to the point of closing his social media accounts for the insults I received.

The Arsenal player has detailed some of them. “People have called me a lesbian for growing my hair long and I have received many other homophobic insults, some in stadiums, but most of them on social media. I have learned to protect myself from it, but it can affect you. From time to time when you have doubts. People should be able to express themselves, they are happier that way, “says the Spanish national team footballer.

Héctor Bellerín with Arsenal. Photo: Instagram (@hectorbellerin)

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He is so involved that he admits that he talks to Arsenal fans who are gay and who are grouped under the group ‘Gay Gooners‘. “I’m having conversations with them and sometimes they go to an Arsenal pub and have problems with other Arsenal fans because they wear a scarf from their club or something like that. Which, to me, is crazy. We are all part of it. the same family “, he points out in this interview in The Times.

Bellerín assures that he has never been in a locker room where they have revealed that a footballer is homosexual. “No one has ever heard of anyone. I’d say if there was someone who knew someone, they would keep it quiet anyway. For that person’s sake, trying to protect them. It’s a taboo subject somehow. We can have talks on the dressing room about all these things, but I have never heard that anyone admits his homosexuality, “says the defense.

Controversy in Germany

All this comes after some more than controversial statements by Philipp Lahm in Germany. The right-back advises in his autobiography those footballers who are homosexual not to reveal their sexual orientation, not only in public, but also to hide it from their teammates as well as their rivals. “They would have to endure insults and defamations, who would accept it?”, Lahm exposes on this question.

Meanwhile, a statement signed by more than 800 people from the world of German football in the magazine 11 friends supporting homosexuals to make their orientation public without fear of any reprisal is going around the world as an example of facing this situation.

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[Más información: Lahm pide a los jugadores de fútbol no hagan pública su homosexualidad]


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