Italy detains four people with an arsenal of weapons of war

Rome, Oct 17 (EFE) .- The Italian authorities arrested today four people accused of international trafficking in weapons of war and seized a real arsenal with more than fifty pieces including machine guns, assault rifles, pistols and a lot of ammunition.

The operation took place in the provinces of Varese, Novara and Monza Brianza (north) thanks to an investigation by the Digos special operations police and the Department of Service for the fight against extremism and internal terrorism.

It all started by following a 61-year-old Italian who in 2019 was already arrested for illegal possession of weapons but last September he obtained prison benefits and changed his house arrest for the obligation not to leave his town, Gallarate.

However, in the following months, “suspicious contacts” emerged with other subjects that put the investigators on guard.

Thus it was discovered that on October 11 he crossed the border to go to Switzerland and on his return two pistols were seized. Later in his home several weapons were discovered, such as a Czech miter, an Armsel Striker assault rifle and a Remington pistol.

Also large ammunition of war, a score of parts of weapons and grenades.

Later in the garage a “real arsenal” was found: two machine guns, six mitres, four repeating rifles, three automatic pistols, fourteen other types of rifles, two kalashnikocs and 128 magazines.

Investigating their contacts, the Prosecutor’s Office ordered the arrest of three other people in the area who found three weapons of war, fourteen homemade bombs, seven semiautomatic pistols, six revolver and another rifle. EFE

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