At a North Staffordshire branch of fast-food giant KFC, guests spit feathers – after the bosses left the toilets for women only.

Mother-of-two Jill Tanley was stunned when she first visited KFC in Newcastle after a renovation.

Instead, her only option to relieve herself was in the unisex facilities.

Critics feared that Colonel Sanders was putting pressure on the PC in light of the growing trend towards mixed-gender toilets that avoid insulting transsexuals.

Jill said to Mirror Online: "It's very bizarre and just does not work."

The new unisex toilet has angered some KFC customers

Another woman in her mid-20s was angry: "It's crazy and what about women's rights?" They kicked KFC out and it's very unfair.

"But they still make good food."

A 17-year-old schoolgirl added, "Why do men get one and we do not?"

After the conversion, three cabins were mixed in the Liverpool Road KFC, with figures of a black man next to a white woman. A fourth toilet showed only a male figure, a fifth was intended for the disabled and for wrapping.

The KFC restaurant in Newcastle

It was thought that the move was part of a nationwide change. Unisex toilets were also installed at KFC's Hampshire stores.

The four stores in Stoke-on-Trent – Fenton, Meir Park, Festival Park and Sandyford – still have separate male and female loos.

One worker said, "Customers have been groaning about the changes, but the company wanted to override the current problem of transgender and gender neutrality and find the best way forward."

There was no toilet for women only

However, it later turned out that the new signs had been erroneously and not as part of a deliberate policy.

A KFC spokesman said, "It looks like there was some confusion with the toilet signs here, but do not panic – they've been changed now."

The series of toilets will be opened as KFC plans to open thoroughfares in Stone, Crewe West, Leek, Leek New Road, Rugeley and Newcastle.

In the former Clinton's in Parliament Row, Hanley, a new store was opened in the city center after the closure of the popular ticket store.

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