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In times of performances varied policies, for more reason than a saint who has, than a councilor (Juan Alcántara, from Podemos) took out the desk in the middle of the corridor to complain about the poor state of his office – a situation certified by Occupational Health, which advises more than two people not to be in that unventilated cubicle – we are not surprised and it’s hardly news. Especially when the encyclopedic Jesús Cabrera, companion of The voice of Córdoba, reminds us that he is not even the first mayor to do so: “Blanca Ciudad already did it when she left IU to go to the mixed group, which planted its table at the doors of the plenary hall.” There is no way to surprise, Juan.

That said, and knowing full well that the Councilor for the Presidency, Miguel Ángel Torrico, He is not an interior decorator, he could well order the arrangement of the old press room – of the new one, and in case, we will talk another day – so that the municipal groups are distributed in Capitulars without having to leave the first floor of the Mayor’s Office, its natural site, and, much less, without having to move to the Archangel Stadium, as has been suggested to those of We can, we want to think that funny.
Politically, this week we have witnessed the agreement of the local government Y Vox around the tax ordinances of 2021, which will be officially dispatched in an extraordinary plenary session this Thursday. To follow the love-hate relationship between the popular people and those of Abascal, of course, you have to take notes and not miss any chapter of this soap opera. It resembles, believe it or not, the stormy idyll of the government of Ambrosio with Let’s win, that china in the shoe who voted the same with PSOE e IU, that the same threw his councilors and invited them to take a fresh wind. In this mandate, the thing is also more interesting because when the Vox spokesperson, Paula Badanelli, plays the leader of the opposition –which happened for the last time in the plan that gave the proposal of Bellido to privatize part of the Guitar Festival– the foundations of the Roman Temple tremble, dandelions included. As a sample, the municipal taxes button.

Has been since May the Lord Salvador Fuentes –A mason laborer’s apprentice, on the chopping block, ready to roll up his sleeves and place if necessary with his own hands the toppled cross of the Cuesta del Bailío, thus starring in the iconic image of the week, at the height of that of Isabel Albás Wearing the Spanish flag as a gustosito on Pilar Day -, I say, since May Salvador Fuentes has said that he cannot lower taxes, that 10 million euros have been stopped collecting due to the crisis, that at most, like much, the thing freezes, and in the same morning, after listening to Badanelli, accepts the descent of the Rustic IBI, the capital gains, the vehicle tax and, if requested, the descent of the Sella sharing canoe and boots with the Vox spokesperson. What is love, hey, and need.

The local government does that, despite the fact that it was Badanelli herself, who said that these weeks she had come to think that PP Y Cs They had no interest in reaching an agreement on tax ordinances with them this year, in order to maintain the 2020 rates, raise a little more and on top of it leave them as blockers of municipal finances. Pure political trigonometry. Do you understand it? Me, less, but alert: we will attend a similar choreography of mating or divorce dance to agree or reject the budgets, with the question of knowing if we will have the Badanelli version leading the opposition or the necessary cooperating Badanelli version and, in any case, always, always Badanelli.
Third change. Do you remember that sequence shot that swept from right to left a cemetery in La Mancha whose name I can’t remember and in which women appeared cleaning tombstones, while The Gleaners were heard – «Ay, ay, ay, ay, what a job we did the lord sends … »- and it read: from the production company El Deseo, directed by Pedro Almodovar, Volver? Do you remember that clearly Spanish image of the Saints portrayed in that movie? Well, the covid will also end it this year. They are in Cecosam with a very big mess, because in the month par excellence of the funeral parlor, with a pandemic that has forced to space out visits to Cordovan cemeteries (they space them out, but they will close in the afternoon; I do not understand anything) and to make an appointment to to replace the flowers, the staff of this municipal company, for years in a position to look at me and do not touch me, has called a strike for November 1.

Follón similar to the one they have mounted Local police Y Firefighters, on account of what they consider to be a breach of a 2018 agreement for the collection of remuneration such as nights or Saturdays. Capitulares is heated up and the mayor has already released a banner with his name (a true act of investiture of a councilor), which for the moment the agents and firefighters seem not to be willing to leave with the peacemaker, a machine with three pneumatic horns powered by a 12 volt battery that they use to animate their concentrations. CCOO Y CSIF They have distanced themselves from the protests and have initiated a transaction, which the Human Resources councilor, Bernardo Jordano, and the Security Councilor, Miguel Ángel Torrico, will have to finish off if they do not want to have a conflict – as happened to David Luque and Emilio Increase in the previous chapter of the serial – until the end of 2023.

Poetry, but little

In a more poetic sphere, this week we have seen the logo of the centenary of the Festival de los Patios, a contest that turns 100 and that we will celebrate in 2021 if the coronavirus leaves us. The logo has been designed by the Cordoba company Mary Vinegar (Go the little name these women have sought) and pays homage to Ricardo Molina (“The patio hears a sigh from other days in its arches”).

There was another hint of poetry in the municipal week, which finally became a simple metaphor: the pool of storms. With such a suggestive and evocative name, when reading the information published in the press, I believed that Mother I was going to build the very gardens of Babylon in front of the Eroski (we will have to change the name to Supeco, although it will take time, it already happened to us with the Pryca). In reality, what they are going to build, according to those responsible for the water company, is a spillway to prevent flooding at the river viewpoint.

Pond disappointment. There is little room for poetry in the village house (when there was, of Pedro Roso –dep– was all the credit). The Town Hall is a real tank when the storm breaks out. Let’s put candles to Santa Barbara.


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