Microsoft's Slack-alike, teams, have been hard hit by instability and still shook at the time of release.

Users across Europe and beyond reported problems connecting to the online collaboration platform at approximately 10:00 UTC. The issues affect both the app and the web version of teams. User sessions are repeatedly restored and a reboot is required.

Both Office 365 and OneDrive have faltered in recent weeks. While deep in the interior of Redmond, a sad engineer switched the clock to "days without incident," Microsoft's opening initially declared ignorance of the problem, much to the annoyance of the users.

An hour and a half later and yes, the support team could admit that there was a problem.

Teams are an important part of Microsoft's collaboration plans and compete directly with the hipster chat app Slack. Of course, teams benefit from the deep integration of Office 365, even though Slack continues to have a bigger market share, even though the Redmond band has released a free edition of their platform to bring users aboard.

Already in September Microsoft has claimed this "Teams are the fastest growing business app in Microsoft history", Today's incident would therefore be a growing pain.

We've contacted Microsoft to find out what the problem is and will update the story as we learn more. ®