ITV has aired the final episode of its four-part miniseries Hatton Garden Tonight (May 23) and the dramatic conclusion finally convinced the audience.

The drama, which tells the true story of the 2015 robbery, in which older thieves got away with up to £ 14m was criticized as "slow" at the beginning of the week. The smart old robbers get their money's worth.

Hatton Garden Heist


After breaking into the Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Company, stealing millions of dollars worth of cash and jewelery, and keeping everything smart overnight in trashcans, the surveillance teams opened their scenes.

The gang had carried out a highly professional raid, but they were now arguing with each other about who should receive part of the revenue.

Hatton Garden


Final scenes featured Perkins (Timothy Spall) and Reader (Kenneth Cranham) arguing over the phone that the latter was involved in the deal. And then police stormed into Perkins' living room and arrested everyone.

The audience soon praised the drama, though they admitted it took a while to get started.

One person tweeted, "After a slow start and a calmer second half, #HattonGarden on @itv was a good watch, which the production team undoubtedly went through many tires to air."

While another wrote, "I enjoyed that after the first rather slow episode."

Hatton Garden aired on ITV.

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