Jack Reacher series author Lee Child “steps out and lets brother step in” | Books

The author of Jack Reacher’s novel series retires and hands over the writing duties to his brother, according to a report.

Lee Child said he had been looking for a way to kill the title character, played in the film by Tom Cruise, for years, but ultimately decided that his fans deserve to see him live in the books that will now be written by Andrew Grant.

But Child, who was born James Grant, reportedly established a condition for his brother: he too must change his surname to Child.

“For years I have been thinking about different ways to kill Reacher. First of all, I thought it would come out in a blaze of bullets, something like the end of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. It would take an army to bring it down [but] Reacher had to have a life after death, “Child told The Times.

Grant is a well-established author. “It’s not like I twisted his arm to do it. It didn’t even twist mine. It just happened. It seems like a natural development. My brother is a good writer. He now has a hero,” Child said.

He added: “Readers don’t need to know about me or who writes the books. They really only care about Reacher. And I know he’s in good hands now.”

Child has sold more than 100 million books since embarking on a relatively late 40-year-old novelist career. Jack Reacher has been made into a movie and is also reportedly made into a series for Amazon’s Prime service.

According to the Times report, the cover of Reacher’s next novel – in a series published by an imprint of Random Penguin House – will read: “Lee Child with Andrew Child”, in what has been interpreted as a possible nerve sign of the publishing house.


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