James and Ancelotti become Champions in the home of the Wolves

Everton has resumed the path towards illusion. The ‘toffee’ they confirmed the end of the doubts emerged against West Ham with a momentous victory over the Wolves, who continue to lose positions dangerously.

From the injury to Raúl Jiménez, Nuno Espirito Santo’s team began to decline positions in the Premier League and at the moment is fourteenth. The descent, however, is still eleven points away.

Higher up are those of Carlo Ancelotti, who are going to sleep in the Champions League area, tied with Leicester, one point behind Liverpool and only four against Manchester United, in order, the three teams ahead.

This Tuesday’s started off with a very busy start: Alex Iwobi opened the can in the sixth minute and even before the first quarter of an hour was up, Rúben Neves restored his balance to the electronic one.

Since then, the party went through all possible phases: slow and with few transitions, another with alternatives in both areas and even one in which sparks flew, with many interruptions, rough.

And it was there that Everton felt more comfortable, which ended up signing the victory thanks to goal by Michael Keane in the absence of little more than ten minutes for the conclusion.


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