James Rodríguez has in ‘his sights’ Alisha Lehmann, new Everton player

At just 22 years old, Alisha Lehmann already steals the looks of football fans
not only because of her beauty, but also because of her ball skills. So much has been her progress, that James Rodríguez already has her ‘signed’ as one of the most competitive players of the year and he already follows her on Instagram.

Lehmann came to the Toffes women’s team to be one of the main reinforcements, as Willie Kirk, Everton coach, welcomed him and expressed his happiness for the arrival of the new member.

“It will add variation to our attack, it will bring frankness, pace, purpose and intention to the team,” Kirk said.

“It is a great club, and they have done very well this season. I am very excited to play, score goals and win with Everton ”, stated an interview with Evertontv, Lehmann, who since entering the field of play, more than one sigh has been stolen, which is reflected in their social networks.

Although he has shared only 329 posts on his Instagram account, Lehmann has 1.8 million followers, within which the Colombian James Rodríguez, which gathers a total of 46.5 million followers on the same social network and follows 717 people.

Lehmann shares with his fans photos on the court and also snapshots at his home. In addition, it has been characterized by being the image of renowned brands such as since he has performed satisfactorily in his sports career.

The forward started working at the BSC Frauen Club in her country, where she was signed by West Ham in 2018 to later be nominated. for the best young player of the season in the English Women’s League. Thanks to his dedication and training time, he was able to move up in different categories to position himself in the same team as Rodríguez.

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The woman has publicly stated that she is homosexual and that currently is in a relationship with 30-year-old forward and captain, Ramona Bachmann, with whom he competed when the latter was part of Chelsea.


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