Janina Gavankar tweets about where Iden Versio is in The Mandalorian

Back in 2017 the Star Wars fandom met a new character who would give a lot of play, Star Wars Battlefront II, and never better said. We refer to Iden Version, a TIE fighter pilot in the Imperial Starfighter Corps and commander of Inferno Squad, a commando unit of the Imperial Special Forces. To avoid getting too spoiled, we will only say that Versio survived the fall of the Empire after the Battle of Endor that led to the deaths of Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine, as well as the establishment of the New Republic.

iden mandalorian version

And what is all this review of galactic history about? Well, as we have indicated in the headline of this news, Janina Gavankar, the actress who has given life to Iden Versio has spoken about her character this week on Twitter. While he hasn’t said anything explicit about his character, he has thrown a hook that could be construed as a little clue to some future plan for his character. But let’s go part, because Gavankar is not the only one who has tweeted about the future of Versio.

It all starts with the message of a tweeter in which he asks Janina about the future of Versio in the timeline of the series The Mandalorian.

So what is Iden Versio doing in the age of #TheMandalorian? I ask for a friend … @Janina

To which the actress answers with a question in which she addresses, introducing into the conversation, Mitch Dyer and Walt Williams, both screenwriters of the story of Star Wars Battlefront II. In turn, Williams has also been the writer of the latest game developed by EA on the saga, Star Wars: Squadrons. Let’s remember that in this last game the story of Iden Versio continues.

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@MitchyD, @waltdwilliams, do you want to let me know?

Do the trolley run?

After this message from Janina, the two scriptwriters picked up the glove thrown by the actress and tweeted the following:

Whether you’re a Mandalorian or a Ranger, I can’t think of anyone better to have by your side than Iden Versio.

During the Mandalorian timeline, Iden Versio is …

For those who are curious about what she might be doing. I know that I am.

Various speculations

What could all this mean? Well, according to the Star Wars News Net portal, it could, from nothing, simply a small ‘trolling’ of the actress, to a clue of a possible future appearance in a series such as The Mandalorian The Ranger of the New Republic.

Let’s remember that Gavankar has already participated in the Mandalorian series, but not as an actress, but as a puppeteer of the mechanical Mon Calamari that repairs the Razor Crest in the presentation chapter of Bo-Katan, The heiress.

Also note that Williams is currently working on his own novel and that Dyer does not currently work for Electronic Arts, so as we say all this could not mean anything. So we are going to treat this as what it is, a possible rumor or a diversion of these three protagonists and writers of Battlefront II.

iden mandalorian version

How about seeing the character of Iden Versio in real action? It would certainly give a lot of good moments in the temporary epoch in which the series is located The Mandalorian, that is to say, during the first years of the formation of the New Republic and of the new New Republic.

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We remind you that in addition to enjoying this great character in the games that we have indicated, Star Wars Battlefront II Y Star Wars: Squadrons, you can also do it with the novel that stars, Battlefront II: Infernal Squad, written by Christie Golden and published in 2017 by Planeta Cómic.

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Never stop dreaming of distant galaxies, and may the Force be with you, always!

Source: Star Wars News Net

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