January sale on PS Now and PS Plus: more games and more fun for less money

PS4 and PS5 users are in luck. Sony has a new promotion active for this month of January 2021 in which the price of its two main subscriptions is lowered, PS Nowand PS Morethat can be purchased for more months and for less money for a limited time. Both the streaming game service, with a collection of more than 700 games, and the online game service and free monthly titles, can be purchased for 15 months at the price of 12, that is, € 59.99. A way to ensure more than a year of incredible games at the lowest possible price. These promotions will be available until January 19.

PS Now, more than 700 games on demand

The PS Now subscriptionIt can be redeemed in digital format through the PS Store at a price of 59.99 euros, but instead of having a 12-month subscription, users, whether new or already subscribed, will receive 15 months. A quarter of gift for a service that is emerging as essential during this 2021, with a large number of games that come from a tremendous variety of genres, and among which there are some of the best titles in the history of Playstation. The service allows access to PS4, PS3 and PS2 games to play them unlimitedly, in streaming or with the possibility of downloading them on the console in the case of PS4.

In addition, it is also allowed to play from a PC with your DualShock, compatible with computers, to take the subscription games with you wherever you go, just as any video and music on demand service works. A service that far from accommodating, renews and adds new games every month. to generate new experiences.

PS Now has a wide variety of games and experiences for all tastes. Names like Resident Evil 7, Final Fantasy XV, Observation, Watch Dogs 2 o The Last of Us are part of a very extensive catalog in which names such as The Crew 2, Frostpunk, The Surge 2, Horizon Zero Dawn o Rage 2. There is always a type of game for each user.

PS Plus, play without limits on PS4 and PS5

For its part, the PS Plus subscription service, necessary to play PS4 and PS5 online, and which receives new games at no additional cost every month in addition to other rewards, too can be purchased digitally from the PS Storeat a price of 59.99 euros in exchange for 15 months of subscription instead of 12. This promotion, valid for new members, allows you to fully exploit the possibilities of Sony consoles, thanks to the aforementioned new free games and the game online, but also exclusive discounts on the PS Store and exclusive content packs in games like Fortnite or Apex.

January sale on PS Now and PS Plus: more games and more fun for less money

In addition, PS Plus is an even more essential service on PS5, since users of Sony’s next-generation console can download The Playstation Plus Collection, which automatically adds 20 of the best games in the history of PS4 to its collection with names like Batman Arkham Knight, Bloodborne, Fallout 4, God of War, Monster Hunter World or Persona 5, among many others.

PS Plus and PS Now, a gift also in physical format

Beyond the digital offers effective between January 12 and 18, PS Plus and PS Now can also become the ideal gift with physical gift cards that can be purchased and given to someone else: a gift that hides behind yes and literally hundreds of games and thousands of hours of fun.

Remember that during these days in PS Store The January Sales are in force with up to 70% discount on different games. You can find outstanding offers in names like Marvel’s Spider-Man, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Mortal Kombat 11, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Assassin’s Creed: Oddyssey or Nier Automata, among many others.

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