Javier Veiga, the click of comedy

This section was going to return last March but the demand for information was pouring out, so, go ahead, a hug from a distance before talking about humor and television.

If it will be good Javier Veiga who continues to be the best presenter of the program that has had the best conductions, with Emilio Aragon, El Gran Wyoming, Eva hache, Alexandra Jiménez Y Ana Morgade: Comedy club, where he debuted in 1999 long after being a child attached to a Geyperman with a family secret that he confesses today: “I always envied the pirate ship of the Famobil clicks that the Kings brought to my brother,” he says, for the consolation of those who We crossed our middle childhood dreaming of a Scalextric that never started.

Born on February 11 in O Grove. Javi, who was already a bit of a clown as a child, liked to dress like an Iberia pilot, thus rising by affectionate imitation of an uncle of his who worked as a flight attendant in Iberia.

Apart from that bridge between simulation and free imagination, television afternoons were not lacking.

“At the EGB I loved The Mosqueperros and Dartacán. In fact, of how scarred it left me, years ago I did a children’s theater version with The Three Musketeers. Later, my brothers and I were also fans of Songoku, but I think I was already in high school ”, he clarifies to indicate that he entered other games.

In days of two channels and audiences that were around twenty million on any given Friday, One two Three, It became the great spectacle of Spain that left the dictatorship behind to give itself up to the uncovering of democracy. And in the living room, the beardless Veiga enjoyed it.

“I was from One two Three to dead. My favorite was Arrocet Mustache, his ‘Mairu-cha-cha-chá’… was unbeatable. And already in my twenties, I was a fan of Faemino and Tired and his Third World Pride (1993-1994), one of the best that has ever been done on television ”, he underlines embracing two types of humor, of love, that portray how long the wardrobe of the smile is.

Faced with a future to write, Javier came to see the light of bohemia one afternoon. And everything changed.

“It was suddenly and by chance. At the age of 18, at the Rosalía de Castro Theater in A Coruña, watching The Barbarian Comedies, of Valle-Inclán … It was the second time in my life that I sat in a theater. I stayed glued to the armchair and decided that I wanted to dedicate myself to that. The humor thing came much later and also by chance, but I suppose that was inevitable, retranca has always been my natural way of relating to the world ”, this actor clarifies with a somewhat comedic gallant type Tony Curtis although their skirts were different.

“The first thing I felt when I saw myself for the first time on TV was… embarrassment. You have so many expectations, you think you know everything and that those who are already working are very bad … then, you see yourself and you realize that you are a package, that you have a lot to learn. By the way, it was in a chapter of Pharmacy open, (A3) playing a junkie robber, I hope no one ever finds that document, ”he says feeding the beast.

Following the springboard of Comedy club Between 1999 and 2001, he began to grow as a performer and as a spectator. To get tanned looking.

Friends It is undoubtedly the series that most impacted a whole generation. There are things of the style that could have been outdated but most of the dialogue could be recorded in a series tomorrow. His scripts are masterful ”.

From further afield, he admits affection for Monty Python “And his program Flying Circus”, and going to the present he quotes another British buffoon, and does not refer to Boris Johnson, speaks of one with grace, talent.

“I love Ricky Gervais… his latest series, After life it is a wonder. A simple, deep and emotional comedy at the same time ”.

Of the current ones, he praises others.

Fleabag, The wonderful Mrs. Maisel, The This is us… which are not pure comedies, they are more mixed genres where comedy coexists with more emotional and even dramatic parts. I suppose that’s the trend ”, explains who has been gaining roles, even to mount plays such as A Night at the Beach, with Touriñán Y Carlos Blanco, than to make Estrella Galicia spots, cinema (little) or create an Amazon series: Little coincidences, a delight where you share a plane with your partner: Marta Hazas, and that in 2021 it will broadcast its third batch in this digital age where laughter mutates.

“The culture of meme wipe out everything. It is increasingly difficult to capture the viewer’s attention for a long time but there are many types of audience for all types of products. Fashions and media change, jokes evolve and what made us laugh yesterday today seems outdated but a good product always finds its market niche whatever its format ”, this actor who knows the click of comedy well is optimistic. and smiles with the soul of a rogue.


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