Jean Le Cam’s mastery crossing the storm «Theta»

Vigo (Pontevedra)

Updated:11/14/2020 12:53h


As young people say: I freak out with Jean Le Cam! The veteran French sailor is giving a master class in his knowledge at the age of 61 aboard the OPEN 60 “Yes We Cam!”, Built in 2006 in Port La Forêt; a Bruce Farr design with which Michel Desjoyeaux won the Vendée Globe in 2008-2009.

The statistics provide surprising data on the good sailing of Jean Le Cam aboard the «Yes We Cam!». In the last 24 hours he has traveled 394.3 miles, being the fastest since the start of the race.

“Grandpa is resisting”, referring to the French film “The grandfather resists” (Based on a Parisian family that in their own way made resistance during the Nazi occupation when their hotel house was occupied by the Germans). Jean Le Cam wanted to sharpen it by sailing in the leading positions of the fleet in front of the new IMOCAs with “hydrofoils”.

The always histrionic Alex Thomson does not give credit: “Jean Le Cam is coming for me! It has made it easier and more efficient. But OMG Jean Le Cam is amazing. Incredible. Being where he is with that ship, at his age, is incredible, brilliant.

At 08:00 UTC today Saturday, November 14, 2020, the leader is Jean Le Cam with the “Yes We Cam!”, Second Thomson with the “Hugo Boss”, and a lateral separation of 80 miles to the west ; and in third place the young Benajmin Dutreux «OMIA – WaterFamily».

Although in eleventh place, with a lateral separation of 170 miles from the “Hugo Boss”, Charlie Dalin continues to the west with the “Apivia” sailing at 232 ° to take advantage of the anticyclone winds that reach him from the west, in the idea to run as fast as possible towards the trade winds and avoid an area with little wind to the south of the Canary Islands; a trend that the other IMOCAs in the fleet are already beginning to set.

Having seen the polar of the IMOCAs, they will maintain a southwest course for about 90 – 10 miles and then sail south towards the Intertropical Convergence Zone; and in about five days they will be in Ecuador.

Meanwhile Jérémie Beyou, who has had to return more than 600 miles to Les Sables d’Olonne with technical problems, should enter the canal around 12:30 today and receive a warm welcome.

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