Emmerdale actor Jeff Hordley, 48, openly admitted, while some kids think it's cool to have famous parents. The couple's two children, Violet (14) and Stan (10), have a red face when fans call fans for selfies. In October, Jane Moore, the panelist, asked Loose Women and asked Jeff how his kids like having two parents in one of Britain's biggest soaps. He replied, "You do not see it." I think we are like all other parents, we are embarrassed. "

Jane continued, "And in public you really have to get recognition twice …"

He replied, "Yeah, I remember that this time with my son in Tesco … There were some lanes away and they were like" Can I have a photo? "

"It happens occasionally, but this time it seemed like a really terrible day."

He then showed his son's reaction and put his head in his hands. He added, "I looked around and my son was in the same way. And he always refers to this day. "

During his performance on the show, the Cain Dingle star also revealed what he is doing off the show.

Nadia Sawalha questioned him about a hobby to which he replied, "My allotment, it's great, we've done it for years."

Then Carol McGiffin asked if he was eating and confirming the vegetables he grew.

As a result, he said, "It's good for us to grow it.

"I have Crohn's disease, and I find that eating what we've grown is a good thing for me."

Elmer viewers elsewhere believe that Cain did not kill Joe Tate (Ned Porteous) at Masquerade Ball in October.

Cain hit the young businessman and he fell to the ground, banging his head on a rock.

Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough) witnessed the encounter and took him in his car after declaring him dead.

In recent episodes, Cain has claimed the blow Joe was an accident in a reaction of the heat of the moment.

But what if his action really led to death?

Many fans have shared their thoughts on the encounter on Twitter.

One user tweeted, "Maybe Cain really killed Joe. We do not know exactly. "

Another added, "If Cain actually killed Joe, then I'm glad it was Joe and not Robert #Emmerdale #Robron."

Emmerdale airs at 7pm on ITV.