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The coastal communities were "spoiled" by "nine years of devious austerity and Tory cuts," Jeremy Corbyn said in a speech on Saturday.

In Hastings, the Labor leader promises to end the "poverty at work" and the "need for food banks".

The Conservatives, however, say coastal areas can benefit from a GBP 3.6 billion fund.

The BBC analysis this week showed that workers living in coastal areas in the UK pay on average £ 1,600 less per year than those living in the UK.

The survey also showed that wages have fallen in real terms since 2010 in two-thirds of coastal areas.

While speaking in the city of East Sussex, Labor hopes to win against the conservatives in the next election, Corbyn says poverty and inequality are "not inevitable."

"In the fifth richest country in the world, nobody should be forced to rely on a food bank to feed their families, no one should sleep badly on our streets and no one should work for the wages of poverty."

Relying on parliamentary research, he will say that one out of every five adults in the Hastings and Rye constituency could receive a universal loan when fully established.

Universal credit is the benefit for people of working age who replace and combine six benefits, including income support and housing benefit, into one payment:

Food banks in the region said they had distributed nearly 90,000 meals last year.

Mr Corbyn said a Labor government would immediately raise the minimum wage to £ 10 an hour, cut universal credits, and build one million affordable homes over ten years.

He will also announce plans for a future Labor government to invest in new offshore wind farms and to use the proceeds from the sale of energy to improve recreational and recreational facilities in crisis areas.

Labor ended just 346 votes behind the Conservatives in Hastings and Rye in 2017, but local MPs, former Home Secretary Amber Rudd, recently resigned from the party and said she was not in the constituency.

Local Growth Minister Jack Berry said, "With a thriving economy and record employment, the government can afford to invest more in communities across the country – something that would be jeopardized by a ruthless high tax." heavily indebted Corbyn government. "