Jeremy Vine’s caller screams for prisoners released early in the coronavirus crisis

A caller sparked his anger over the idea that low-risk prisoners could be released soon amid the coronavirus pandemic, surprising guest Jeremy Vine in the process.

Aavi, of Leicestershire, fell into anger as he asked people who “do the crime, make the time” and ask that they “build prisons”.

When Jeremy suggested that the prisoners had not been sent to prison to catch a bad disease, the caller exploded: “I could get a bad disease by cutting the grass!”

The caller started out fairly calm as he said his heart was turned to whoever was grappling with “the big c”, saying, “God bless them all.”

A caller unleashed his fury about the idea that low-risk prisoners could be released

However, his tone changed quickly when he turned to the main summit: “If you committed the crime, you have to make time! What’s wrong with you?! If you were the victim of the criminal you would have been like, ‘ Lock it! Give him the electric chair! ‘ “

He continued: “You know these people who complain, ‘Oh, we’re fighting now, we’re fighting now because of the coronavirus.’ You should have had some reserve funds. ” I don’t want my 80% of my salaries – I’m just building a prison! Just build another prison!

“Because you can blow up these hospitals faster [anything] – build another prison! When all is over – the great god and god will bless all of us will survive … all will survive.

Aavi, of Leicestershire, dropped into an angry rant live on the show

“Let me tell you one thing: build difficult prisons!”

Jeremy intervened saying that he thought much of what he said was true because “you don’t go to jail for stealing a stamp.”

However, he added: “At the same time we did not tell the prisoners:” You are going to get a very bad disease in prison. “

Guest friend Salma El-Wardany suggested that he learn some compassion

The caller shouted, “Look, I’m home and I could get a bad disease by cutting the grass! These are prisoners! Prisoners!”

Jeremy struggled not to laugh while a guest who appeared via video link on the show was seen laughing openly.

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Coronavirus outbreak

“For God’s sake, I hope it never happens!” Aavi continued. “But the moment you are clouded by a criminal, you will have a different thought. And the lady who has just been opened, has opened the doors … a criminal is a criminal, you pay your time!”

Guest colleague Salma El-Wardany, who appeared via video link, suggested that the caller learned some compassion and that the prisoners were still people.

He said, “We still have a duty to take care of those people.”

* The Jeremy Vine Show airs on weekdays at 9.15am on Channel 5


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