Jess Phillips said that she might consider volunteering to replace Jeremy Corbyn as Labor Party leader when he withdraws.

The member added that Mr. Corbyn should leave his leadership position if the Labor Party is not the largest party in the House of Commons after the next general election.

Birmingham Yardley, a critic of Corbyn, said she "could" run for the party's top party if she thinks she can make a difference when the time comes.

Ms. Phillips has already indicated her intention to become Prime Minister in a Times interview in March, saying, "And why not? I think I would be a good Prime Minister. "

His latest statements came after the Chancellor of the United Kingdom, John McDonnell, announced on Friday that he and Mr. Corbyn would step down if the Labor Party lost the next election – and that the next leader should be one. woman.

At the Cheltenham Literature Festival, she said, "Maybe yes, yes. The answer is that I really do not know. I should see how the earth was at that moment.

"What I do not want to be is just a personality in politics. We went too far in this rabbit hole.

"If I stand, it's not just because people trust me, but people trust me.

"This is not enough, there must be a real plan for the future of our country.

"At that time, I was wondering if I was the best thing for the country's future."

Ms Phillips said it was "not impossible" for the Labor Party to become the largest party in the next election, but admitted that a majority is unlikely.

She said, "I do not think anyone wins an election.

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"It's not impossible and anything can happen. I could see the numbers last time and many people said, "See what happened last time".

"What happened last time was that the Labor Party did not win the elections.

"So, that could be the biggest party and even when I look at the polls, and I see the Conservatives are taking a leap forward right now, I can not see the numbers where they occupy the seats that They will lose in Scotland.

"If it was proportional representation, the Conservatives would be the most important party, but our system is strange."

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