Jessica Alba betrays looks with Patrick Starrr in her YouTube debut

Welcome to YouTube, Jessica Alba!

The 38-year-old actress launched her channel on Thursday.

“Hi everyone! I am so excited to launch my YouTube channel,” wrote the manager of the honest company under her introductory video. “It is important to remember that given the state of the COVID-19 epidemic, I think we should all have a healthy level of awareness and respect for this stimulating experience that we are facing. However, I also want my channel to be a place of happiness and community as we explore fun and familiar moments while staying safe at home. “

So what kind of content will this channel provide?

“On this channel, I will make videos of beauty, fitness, health and well-being, entrepreneurial life, domestic life, mother’s life, life as a best friend,” Alba told the audience. “I’m going to take an honest approach to everything I do because I can’t help but be brutally honest in life.”

The Fantastic Four the star also noticed that her children …Honor, port is Hayes—We create some cute cameos. Indeed, her daughters appeared in the welcome clip and gave their mom a tough love, with Haven saying that the proud parent can be “irritable” on TikTok.

For his first full video, Alba collaborated Patrick Starrrand they exchanged makeup looks. Celebrity has given the beauty guru a new look by using Honest Beauty products. Starrr then gave her a complete look using the same brand and also offered some tutorial tips to the YouTube beginner.

“He’s teaching me how to make YouTube and I’m really learning from the best,” said Alba at one point in the video, which was shot “some time ago.”

How did this collaboration start? According to the video, Alba saw Starrr on YouTube and eventually joined the makeup artist’s DM.

Watch the videos to see the debut on Alba di Alba.

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