A vacation flight to Tenerife had to land at Manchester Airport – because there was no water for tea and coffee on board.

The Glasgow Jet2 aircraft was in Cork, Ireland, when the captain decided to divert it on the basis of reports of plumbing.

The jet-stuffed jet flew from Glasgow Airport towards the Canary Islands at 8:55 am, but landed in Manchester a short time later, the Daily Record reported.

There were also reports that the toilets were out of order and there was no running water for the sinks.

Jet2 confirmed that the flight had arrived safely at Manchester Airport, where firefighters were already on-site as standard.

The captain has made the decision to divert via Ireland

A spokeswoman for the airline confirmed that the detour was the result of a problem with water for "tea and coffee," the Daily Record reported.

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She said, "There was a technical problem with water on board, there was no water for tea and coffee."

She added that the passengers had been taken on another flight to Tenerife and had been "well taken care of".

All passengers were transferred to another flight

The drama took place on Sunday around 10 clock, as the flight LS155 was diverted to Manchester.

Many passengers used the social networks to blow up the airline because of the disruption it caused – although other tweets also received praise.

One said on Twitter: "Disgusting about it, vacation ruined before it even starts, sons crying, thanks."

Another tweet read: "Rerouted to Manchester and now canceled on a replacement plane on Tenerife broken toilets and apparently no running water on the first Jet2 aircraft.

"Everyone with a good mood and jet2weets crew takes good care of us."

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