JJ Abrams prepares Subject to Change, a new series for HBO Max

After closing a deal to produce content for WarnerMedia, JJ Abrams prepares Subject to Change, a new thriller series that will arrive exclusively on HBO Max.

Last year we told you that Bad Robot, the production company that captains J.J. Abrams Together with his wife Katie McGrath, he had closed a multi-million dollar deal with WarnerMedia to create exclusive content for film, television, digital platforms and even video games. After his work on the Star Wars sequel trilogy, Abrams is one of the most sought-after filmmakers in Hollywood, and now the content Bad Robot produces will belong to WarnerMedia until at least 2024.

The productions under this agreement are not waiting and Abrams has already revealed that he is preparing Subject to Change, a serial thriller coming exclusively to HBO Max. The series is based on a script by Abrams himself and Jennifer Yale (Legion) will serve as executive producer of the project and also as showrunner of the series.

Subjet to Change centers on a desperate college student who agrees to undergo a clinical trial, beginning a harrowing adventure that bends the limits of mind and reality. “It’s being incredibly entertaining, being able to weave this madness together with Jenn [Yale], and I am very grateful to her, and to everyone at HBO Max for the opportunity to bring this story to life“Abrams said in a statement.

Disney Plus will go up in price at the end of February, but if you sign up now you will enjoy the classic price, 20% lower.

In addition to Subject to Change, Abrams would have a good string of projects ahead of him as part of the WarnerMedia deal, including the new Constatine series for HBO Max, as well as the Justice League Dark series, Overlook, the spin-off series of The Shining, and Duster, a thriller set in the 1970s that he is preparing with LaToya Morgan.


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