JJ Abrams Unveils New Thriller Series “Subject To Change”



JJ Abrams News: The “Star Wars” director introduces a new “Complex, Eye-Opening Thriller” series for HBO Max. Entitled “Subject To Change”, the series follows Abrams’ other HBO series “Demimonde”. A start date has not yet been set.

College student takes part in mysterious study

It is not surprising that JJ Abrams is producing series after series for HBO. In 2019 he signed a general contract with the broadcaster. How „Deadline“ reports, Jennifer Yale will be the showrunner for Subject To Change. In terms of content, the series follows “a desperate college student who signs up for a clinical study that is the starting point for a reality-changing adventure.”

Abrams said in a statement about the new thriller series: “It was a lot of fun to weave this pretty crazy yarn with Jenn …”

Kinky, thought provoking thriller

Yale, the showrunner of the new project, described the work as “a tangled, thought-provoking thriller (…) in which almost anything is possible and yet everything is planned.”

The HBO team can hardly wait to broadcast the new series. “We can’t wait to bring this complex, eye-opening thriller to HBO Max,” added Sarah Aubrey, head of content for the station. “He will take the audience on an unexpected journey and show the creative brilliance of JJ, Jennifer and the Bad Robot team.”

JJ Abrams is directing Stephen King’s “The Shining” as a series

In addition, JJ Abrams is to co-produce with Ben Stephenson a new series entitled “Overlook”, which is inspired by Stephen King “The Shining”.

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The film adaptation is “a horror thriller series that explores the untold stories of the Overlook Hotel, the most famous haunted hotel in American fiction”.





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