Joao Félix, the platonic love of Barcelona

Barça made the first reports in 2014 and since then it has tried to incorporate him on occasions as “he has great talent and personality”.


Joao Félix has never stopped dazzling anyone who noticed him, including Barcelona. The Barça club discovered him six years ago, when he was still a youth who stood out at Porto, a team that left the summer of 2015 to join the Benfica youth team of his heart. When it was released with the subsidiary after a year, Barcelona was still there, watching him every weekend and taking note of the growth of this very young playmaker who today has become one of the great sensations of LaLiga.

According to reliable sources from the Barcelona technical secretariat, they explain to Goal “the reports we had of him were always excellent”. Prepared through the scout that Barcelona has in Portugal, the Catalan club was always aware that a superlative footballer was cooking in the Benfica quarry, a potential Ballon d’Or that it would be convenient not to lose sight of but Barcelona quickly realized that they were not the only European club that had noticed Joao. It was impossible for it to be otherwise, as the Benfica subsidiary soon outgrew him and in 2018 he promoted the first team. He was seventeen years old.

“Its price was disproportionate”

It was hard to start. The coach, Rui Vitória, began to give him ball in the Portuguese championship, where he enjoyed a few moments in the beginning. He made his debut as a scorer in a big way, in his second game, where he also saved the tie in the Lisbon derby against Sporting and in the last months of 2018 he was relegated to the bench. It was the last time he went unnoticed although in Barcelona for a long time that “there were no doubts with him” since it was clear that he was going to crack. At this point, it would not take long to prove it.

He started 2019 as a shot and in his third start he scored the two goals with which Benfica beat Rio Ave to continue wetting in the coming games. The Barcelona offices spoke more and better about him and they got in touch with Jorge Mendes to address a possible transfer in summer. However, the Barça club found that the Portuguese agent was auctioning him off and “its price was already disproportionate”. Juventus was also moving to incorporate the latest talent in Portuguese football and He was aiming for a multi-million dollar transfer in the summer.

Barcelona does not lose sight of him

Barcelona, ​​captivated by the quality of the playmaker, their incorporation was raised, estimated at 127 million euros reflected in its termination clause. But nevertheless, The azulgrana club was looking for a center forward and with Antoine Griezmann approved, they decided to incorporate the French but still looking askance at the Portuguese, who left for Atlético de Madrid precisely thanks to the transfer of Griezmann to a Barcelona that does not forget the Portuguese.

“He continues to be a player of great talent and personality” They confirm at the Camp Nou after a first year of adaptation in the mattress box in which he did not shine yet but he did leave flashes of the great player he could become. And in faith that he has fulfilled. Nowadays He is one of the top scorers in the First Division and no one disputes his descent and leadership on the grass every time he catches the ball and faces the opposing goal.

The Barcelona reports are still there but they have become outdated Although the latter have in common with the former who realized that they are dealing with a special player destined to become one of the great and Barcelona will be there if you decide to leave Atlético at one point or another. For now, the Barça fans will have to tie him short on Saturday to avoid new breaks in a particularly unstable defense. Joao arrives more plugged in than ever and wanting to show that He is a different footballer from the rest, although Barcelona has known that for many years.


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