Chris Moyles is the ultimate troll.

The Radio X presenter was called a "genius" after revealing he was the rogue behind the fake John Lewis ad.

The Internet went mad earlier this week when a clip of an astronaut playing Sir Elton John's Rocket Man on a piano next to a Christmas tree appeared online.

The short clip was widely regarded as a teaser for the store's much-anticipated Christmas promotion – but it was Moyles and his Radio X team.

The official of the station On Friday morning, the Twitter account broke news and released the "full version" for fans, in which Moyles is dressed as Donald Duck.

The tweet read: "We have something to unveil this morning. To assert something. Or admit

"The" John Lewis Ad "that leaked on Sunday was not real and we know because we filmed it."

John Lewis Christmas Display 2017 – #MozTheMonster

Moyles was celebrated as a "legend" and the biggest "trick" when the fans said they had fallen for the joke.

A listener tweeted, "I love how you messed up the press, hahaha!"

Another wrote, "Absolutely brilliant, you have outdone yourself."

Laugh: Chris Moyles trolled the nation (Twitter / Radio X)

A third brought a crying laughter beside the words: "The Art of Trolling !!"

Moyles parodied John Lewis's famous penguin ad from 2014, in which Monty, the penguin, became friends with a little boy when he was looking for someone to love.

Sir Elton John was reportedly paid 5 million pounds for the advertisement this year. This accounts for half of the £ 10m advertising budget.

A source told the Mail on Sunday that this year's ad will be another "sucker".

"It's all very, very charming and the exciting crescendo in the end will be that Elton plays his famous piano," they said.

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