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London, Oct 16 (EFE) .- British Prime Minister Boris Johnson admitted this Friday that, unless there is a “fundamental” change in the position of the European Union (EU), the United Kingdom is heading for a disconnection of the block without agreement.

In a televised statement, the head of the Government referred to “an Australian solution” with the EU, which means that a pact would not be closed and relations would be governed by the general rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Johnson said his country has sought since the beginning of the negotiations an agreement similar to the one the EU signed with Canada, based “on friendship and free trade,” Johnson said.

“Judging from the last (EU) summit in Brussels, this will not work for our EU partners. They want the ability to control our legislative freedom on an ongoing basis, our fishing in a way that is completely unacceptable to an independent country, ”the Conservative leader said in a statement from his official residence at 10 Downing Street.

Given that there are “barely ten weeks” to complete the transition agreement, it must “judge on the possible outcome and prepare” for the disconnection, he insisted.

The “premier” also accused the EU of not having negotiated “seriously” for much of the last few months and, given that the summit seems to have ruled out an agreement like the one with Canada, it has “concluded that we must prepare for January 1 under arrangements that resemble the Australian one ”.

The prime minister also called on ferry companies and companies to prepare for a no-deal exit, while underlining that the UK is ready to discuss practical matters such as aviation security or nuclear cooperation with its European neighbors. .

“But, for whatever reason, it is clear that (…) after 45 years of association, they are not willing, unless there is some fundamental change in attitude,” to offer their country the same terms as with Canada, he added. the mandatary.

So, Johnson continued, the UK is preparing to opt for another alternative and prosper as an independent trading country, by controlling its borders, its fisheries and setting its own laws.

The Heads of State and Government of the Twenty-seven, meeting since yesterday in Brussels, had asked London for “movements” to move towards a pact that prevents an abrupt Brexit on December 31, when the transition period will have ended.


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