Boris Johnson has claimed that Theresa May is about to "capitulate" to the EU over Brexit when he pushed the Cabinet to mutiny against the Prime Minister's withdrawal agenda.

The former foreign minister suggested that if Ms. May's plans for a backstopping customs agreement with the EU aimed at preventing a hard border in Northern Ireland had passed through Britain, the status of a colony could be reduced.

In a stinging attack on the Prime Minister's proposals before a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday, Johnson said that Ms. May's agenda was that Britain "stay in captivity."

Johnson said plans for a support that would keep Britain in a customs union with the EU if no solution to the Irish border problem could be found would be worse than staying in the EU.

Ms. May is under attack from both wings of the Tory party after shocking pro-European brother Jo of John Johnson, who also wreaked havoc on the prime minister's stance.

The move sparked speculation that more ministers supporting Remain in the referendum campaign could also give up.

Pro Brexit Commons leader Andrea Leadsom added to Tory's tensions by insisting that the UK could not be "trapped" in a back-stop deal without leaving the country at a time of his election can.

Mr. Johnson wrote in The Daily Telegraph: "I want you to enjoy all the horror of this capitulation.

"Under Article 50, the United Kingdom is theoretically at least in a position to leave the EU. We do not have to consult any other authority.

"However, with these proposals, we agree that the EU can have a say in whether this country can achieve the final exit from the EU's core institution, the Customs Union.

"In other words, we are on the verge of advocating something worse than the current constitutional position.

"These are terms that could be enforced for a colony."

Mr Johnson added that even if the EU government agreed to give London a one-sided exit from the attack, it would be meaningless.

"The terrible truth is that even if the Cabinet mutters – as it should – it will hardly make a difference.

"Even if we agree with the EU that the United Kingdom must have a unilateral break clause so that we can go our own sweet way at a time of our own choosing, this is irrelevant because the program and the ambition of the government remain in it should be captive to stay in our cell, even if we are given the theoretical key to escape. "

Mr. Johnson said the Prime Minister would try "to get MEPs to vote for the surrender" by formulating the argument to accept their proposals or the "Chaos of No Deal".

The hope that the Cabinet had signed the Brexit proposals on Tuesday seemed to be dropping rapidly as it was reported that the EU had rejected London's plans for an independent arbitration clause that would allow Britain to set up a backstop deal on the Northern Irish Abandon border.

The apparent deadlock makes it much harder for the Prime Minister to secure a special EU conference in November to regulate the Brexit conditions.

But as a sign that Downing Street was trying to drive the process forward, Ms May's main Brexit adviser, Olly Robbins, had talks in Brussels on Sunday.



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