Johnson condemns violence after days of riots and protests in Northern Ireland

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, has condemned this Wednesday “the scenes of violence” that have been experienced in recent days in Northern Ireland, which has been repeated on the last day with the kidnapping and burning of a bus for the launch of Molotov cocktails, among other actions.

Through a message on his Twitter account, it has been shown “deeply concerned about the scenes of violence in Northern Ireland, especially the attacks against the Police that protect the public and companies, the attacks on a bus driver and the assault on a journalist. ”

To which he added that “the way to resolve the differences is through dialogue, not violence or crime“.

The bus that caught fire this Wednesday was due to the launch of Molotov cocktails at a crossing in Belfast, as reported by the Police, although It was not the only incident of the day.

Northern Ireland peace treaties falter due to Brexit

Celia Maza. London

In the incidents recorded on Wednesday night, stones against security forces, while a photographer was attacked in the vicinity while carrying out his work.

Disturbios en Belfast (Reuters)

Also the Prime Minister of Northern Ireland, Arlene Foster, condemned this attack on Twitter, noting that “there is no justification for the violence. It is wrong and must stop”, to add that “this is not a protest. This is vandalism and intent. of murder “.

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“These actions do not represent unionism or loyalty“said Foster. The rest of the cabinet members, as well as officials from across the political spectrum, have also condemned the violence and urged it to stop.

In this context, the Stormont Assembly will meet Thursday morning for a urgent debate after several days of violence.

Photo: Reuters

The tensions have grown in recent months in the region by trade agreements that have been adopted after ‘Brexit’, a tense situation that reached its limit when last week the Police decided not to prosecute 24 Sinn Féin politicians for attending a funeral, violating the measures established by the Government to try to control the pandemic.

At least 2,000 people attended the massive memorial service for former IRA member Bobby Storey, including Northern Ireland Deputy Prime Minister Michelle O’Neill, which took place in June last year.

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