Johnson defends the autonomy of Scotland, but thinks that the nationalist management has been “disastrous”


The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has defended this Saturday the decentralization and the transfer of powers to the Scottish Government, but has criticized the “disastrous” government management that has been carried out in his opinion by the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP, for its acronym in English).

“The way in which the SNP has managed the autonomy of Scotland has been a disaster. It has sunk educational quality, business confidence is low and has the worst historical assessment of public opinion,” said Johnson in reference to the leader of the SNP, Scottish Chief Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

In particular, he has reproached Sturgeon for a move aimed at secession. “The key is that there are policies that demonstrate how autonomy can help Scotland, rather than the SNP’s obsession with making autonomy work against the rest of the UK,” he added during his speech by teleconference at a Party event. Scottish Conservative. “However, the fact that he criticizes how autonomy is governed does not mean that he wants to end or undermine autonomy,” he added.

Johnson recalled his time as mayor of London and how he knows how “effective” decentralization can be and mentioned as an example getting greener means of transport or fighting crime. “Decentralization should be used as a stepping stone for local communities and companies to have more powers and make their lives better,” he said.

The tension between London and Scotland has escalated this week after Johnson claimed that decentralization for Scotland was “Tony Blair’s worst mistake”.

The SNP’s ‘number two’, Keith Brown, has criticized Johnson’s intervention, “ten minutes of pure emptiness behind convoluted and evasive words after his blunder for saying he thought decentralization was a disaster.”

“He should have apologized for insulting the democratic choice of the Scottish people and for the litany of toxic conservative policies, from austerity to a disastrous Brexit to a devastating pandemic,” he said.

“Johnson the disloyal has shown once again that the conservatives do not care what the people of Scotland need. The only way to adequately protect the interests of Scotland is to be an independent European country,” he added.

The Scottish elections are already on the horizon, scheduled for May 6, 2021, and in which the SNP will foreseeably once again assert its political dominance and revitalize its call for a new independence referendum after its stay in the United Kingdom. was imposed by a narrow margin in the 2014 vote.

The central government has ruled out authorizing this second referendum, basically claiming that it is “once per generation”, but Scottish authorities maintain that the scenario has completely changed in recent years mainly due to Brexit, which was opposed by a majority of The scots.

A recent poll published by YouGov put the level of support for independence at 51 percent and approval for Sturgeon at 67 percent, compared to 20 percent for Johnson.

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