Johnson will ask to cooperate in the pandemic by chairing his first meeting of the G7

London, Feb 13 (EFE) .- British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will urge cooperation against the coronavirus pandemic by leading the first meeting of G7 leaders under the presidency of the United Kingdom next Friday.

The conservative leader will say that governments have “the responsibility to work together” to “give the best possible use” to anticovid vaccines and ensure that they are distributed equitably among countries, indicates a statement released this Saturday by his official office in Downing Street.

In the virtual meeting – the first multilateral meeting of the president of the United States, Joe Biden -, Johnson will ask to put an end to the “nationalistic and divisive” policies that marked the beginning of the pandemic, the note said.

The prime minister will argue that putting citizens themselves first in the fight against the virus does not have to detract from “a unified response”, as no country will be safe until everyone is safe with a good immunization, the statement said.

Under the annual British presidency, the G7, a group of the most developed economies, will also focus on promoting a joint approach in the face of future pandemics, based on a five-point plan already presented to the United Nations.

This plan includes developing a global research network and manufacturing capacity for vaccines and treatments, designing a pandemic alert system, agreeing on protocols for health emergencies and eliminating trade barriers.

After the Finance Ministers of the Group of Seven held a preparatory meeting on Friday, the February 19 appointment will mark the first time that the Heads of State and Government of these countries have met since April 2020.

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In addition to Johnson and Biden, the leaders of Germany, Canada, France, Italy and Japan will attend, as well as the presidents of the European Council and the European Commission, says Downing Street.

The event is part of the meetings that will take place before, from 11 to 13 October, the United Kingdom presides over the planned annual G7 summit in the town of Saint Yves in Cornwall (in the south-west of England).

At the same time, the United Kingdom, which in February holds the monthly presidency of the UN Security Council, will lead on the 23rd a telematic meeting with the members of that group in which the relationship between conflicts and climate change will be addressed. . EFE

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