In the UK, before the parliamentary elections in mid-December, the Conservatives are in the hands of the Prime Minister Boris Johnson According to polls, clearly ahead of the opposition Labor Party. According to Sunday's Sunday Times, Mail on Sunday and Observer newspapers, the Tories reach 39 to 41 percent, plus or minus one percent compared to the previous week.

The opposition is clearly behind with 26 to 29 percent. In third place are the Liberal Democrats with 15 to 17 percent. 1500 to 2000 Britons were surveyed by the research institutes YouGov, Deltapoll and Opinium.

However, the percentage only says something about the strength of the parties, but not necessarily about the majority in the lower house. Because in the 650 electoral districts, which correspond to the number of mandates in the lower house, the seats are assigned according to the majority voting system. That is, the seats are not distributed according to the percentage for the parties (proportional representation), but according to the principle: Who in the constituency gets the majority, gets the seat. (Roy / Reuters)

Created: 10.11.2019, 02:24 clock