Jose Cuervo Tradicional: 18 years being an ally of cinema

Jose Cuervo Traditional Tequila, an emblematic Mexican brand committed to continuous support for Mexican cinema, since 2002 it has actively participated in the Morelia International Film Festival. That is why in 2005 arises the Traditional Raven Award with the aim of promoting national and international cinematography in a highly recognized forum, as well as spreading the enormous wealth of the state of Michoacán and promoting the talent of our country.

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Jose Cuervo Traditional He has been present in Mexican cinema since the Golden Age, appearing on the screen alongside international icons. Jose Cuervo Tradicional seeks that Mexicans feel proud of our country and of the products that come from Mexico such as tequila and national cinematography. Without a doubt, tequila and cinema have accompanied each other over the years and this synergy between FICM and Jose Cuervo Tradicional Cristalino proves it.

As is tradition, the festival will continue the commitment to be a space for the exhibition of the works of Mexican filmmakers. This responsibility is shared by Jose Cuervo Tradicional, supporting the talent of extraordinary figures who have built great achievements through a friendship forged after years of fighting for a common dream.

The Morelia International Festival has become one of the most important film festivals in Latin America and is appreciated for its careful selection of films, as well as for being a meeting point between Mexican filmmakers, the general public and the international film community. . FICM 2020 will take place from October 28 to November 1, this year it will be in a different format, it will be held in a hybrid way with some face-to-face functions in Morelia and others virtual, adapting to the new normal.


For the fifteenth time, and in order to encourage Mexican artists to continue creating great works that promote the country’s film industry in the world, the Traditional Cuervo Prize will be awarded within the framework of FICM. The Traditional Cuervo Prize consists of the delivery of $ 130,000 pesos in order to recognize and motivate filmmakers to continue inspiring the world with their talent in the seventh art.

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Throughout more than a decade at FICM, Jose Cuervo Tradicional has promoted great national figures, who in addition to being talented artists, many are also great friends, a bond that has led them to build an international film community.

This is the case of the Mexican interpreters and directors Gael García Bernal (Amores Perros – 92%, Neruda – 94%, The Science of Sleep – 71%) and Diego Luna (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – 85%, Rudo y Cursi – 73%, And Your Mom Too – 92%), who have known each other since they were children and with more than 30 years of friendship, are one of the strongest relationships in this industry. Diego Luna won the Jose Cuervo Traditional Award in 2010 and Gael garcia In 2011, they both have a brilliant professional career and started together as film producers and directors when they created Canana in 2005. Until the beginning of this year they were producing the series “Mexica”, a production that had to be canceled due to the pandemic, but the Mexican artists will continue to create exclusive content for the Amazon Prime Video platform, through which they impact 200 countries. In August, they launched Pan y Circo – 100%, content that is part of that agreement.


Cecilia Suárez, actress of Sex, Shame and Tears, Blue Eyelids and more recently La Casa de las Flores – 90% with her famous role as Paulina de la Mora received the Traditional Cuervo Award in 2018, becoming the first woman to be honored with this recognition.

Cecilia Suarez
Cecilia Suarez

It fills me with pride that they decided to give it to a woman and that they thought of me, and I hope this starts to change.

Cecilia Suarez, Ficm 2018

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A year later, this award was given to actress Marina de Tavira, after her participation in the acclaimed film Roma – 99%, a film that earned her an Academy Award nomination in the category of Best Supporting Actress. Tavira Marina donated the award to a project that seeks to portray the reality of migrant women in Guatemala.

Tavira Marina
Tavira Marina

… It has to do with needs that we have to attend to. I do not see any sense in art but it is to transform reality, and this festival has been in charge of bringing those realities to the big screen.

Tavira Marina, Ficm 2019

After having both won the Traditional Raven Award, it is said that Cecilia Suárez (Las Oscuras Primaveras – 60%, And Your Mom Too – 92%, And Your Mom Too – 92%) and Marina de Tavira (Ana and Bruno – 80%, This is not Berlin – 95%, Roma – 99%), friends and colleagues in different projects will star in a series called An ideal woman. The pilot chapter was a success, now we will have to wait for the premiere to see this couple of talented women in action.

Some other important figures of the contemporary film scene that have been commemorated are: Carlos Carrera (2005), Fernando Eimbcke (2008), Carlos Cuarón (2009), Michel Franco (2012), Jonás Cuarón (2014) and Demián Bichir (2016) , among other renowned members of the film community.

Gael Garcia Bernal
Gael Garcia Bernal
Jonah Cuarón
Jonah Cuarón
Gabriel ripstein
Gabriel ripstein
Demián Bichir
Demián Bichir

Succeeding in such an internationally competitive niche as cinema requires a lot of effort and dedication, that’s why Jose Cuervo Traditional Crystal Tequila has recognized the innate talent of so many Mexicans who, in addition to sharing the passion for the seventh art and love for Mexico, are united by a strong friendship built throughout their entire career.


This type of platform contributes to the exaltation of values ​​by enjoying extraordinary moments with friends such as the legendary Jose Cuervo Traditional Party which has become a must-see at FICM, which unites personalities from the business, cinematographic and artistic fields through cinema. The venue for this evening has always been Casa de Sam, in the Historic Center of the City, renowned for holding exclusive and elegant events.

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The emblematic Jose Cuervo Traditional Party every year offers its guests an incredible atmosphere permeated by cinema and fun, excellent music. In addition, it includes a variety of the best Jose Cuervo Tradicional Cristalino cocktails, headed by the Traditional Frozen served straight, unique for its extraordinary flavor at low temperatures, highlighting its properties of agave and fine woods that distinguish it. In this edition of the FICM, due to the new normality, the Traditional Jose Cuervo Party will have to wait another year to bring together all the personalities of the seventh art.

At the end of the activities in Morelia, Lo Mejor del FICM in Mexico City begins, a cycle in which the festival’s winning films are shown, as well as a careful selection of their programming. The activities of the FICM continue throughout the year with functions and film cycles in different parts of the Republic and the world.

Jose Cuervo Tradiciona TequilaHe has been known for promoting and supporting the film industry and for many years he has owned, sponsors and motivates FICM. With this help, it reaffirms its commitment to the seventh art and Mexico through the creation of forums and opportunities, as well as sponsorships to events, premieres, films and festivals. All this with the aim of continuing to forge the history of contemporary cinema in our country.

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