José Manuel Díaz begins the second part of his season in the Tour of Turkey ·


The cyclist from Jaén José Manuel Díaz Gallego, who is in his fifth season as a professional, will start the second leg of the campaign in the Tour of Turkey, which will be held between Sunday 11 and 18 April, after having been without competing for a long time. five weeks when he ran the Laigueglia Trophy in Italy.

The Team Delko de France rider showed Efe wanting to reappear “after a good first stretch of the campaign” in which he found himself “very comfortable and with positive results” in the tests in which he participated “with the presence of the main international figures “.

Díaz, who travels to the Ottoman country tomorrow, was among the top 20 in the Tour of the Alpes-Maritimes and Var, and in the Tour of Provence, both events in France, with which the campaign began.

“Everything went perfectly and the most important thing is the team offered a good image. I think we are on the right track and hopefully the results will come soon, while on a personal level I want to continue in this line,” he said.

The Jaenan will make his debut in the Tour of Turkey, which celebrates its 56th edition, with a layout of eight stages in which the route offers options of success for both climbers and climbers.

“The fifth stage is in the mountains with just over 160 kilometers to finish in Elmali and two first-class passes. It suits me well and I hope to be with the best,” he said.

After the Tour of Turkey, José Manuel Díaz, who before signing for Delko was in Team Israel and Voralberg of Austria, will attend the Tour of Asturias, from April 30 to May 2, in what will be his third presence in the test.

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