Jose Mourinho complained that he did not get the transfer goals he wanted when the window closed last month.

Since joining Manchester United two years ago, he has spent over £ 370m to bolster his squad and some of his players have been more than missing.

Here is an overview of all previous contracts of Mourinho in Old Trafford and how they did it.

Eric BaillyVillarreal, £ 30m – June 8, 2016

It was an interesting couple of seasons for Mourinho's first contract signing. He seemed to have re-established himself as United Choice Center, but after recovering from injury last season, he did not make it to the starting line-up on a regular basis.

After the defeat, he is already out of action this season and has the task to get back into the starting lineup. At the start of the season, he showed great insights when Mourinho gave him a chance, but he has fallen into disfavor so far that he is now linked to a withdrawal from the club in January. 5

Eric Bailly was solid in his first season with Manchester United.
Eric Bailly was solid in his first season with Manchester United.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic – Paris Saint-Germain, free – 2 July 2016

He came, he won, he left (if we just forgot his return). Ibrahimovic was brilliant in his first season at United not only on the field, but also by the thrust he gave the players.

Just a shame that his knee injury ended his career at United early. Was not as effective as he resigned, but 28 goals in his debut campaign can not be taunted. 8th

Henrikh Mkhitaryan – Borussia Dortmund, £ 27m – 6th July 2016

When Mkhitaryan arrived, the expectation was high, but the midfielder never fulfilled the hype. Impressed in the Europa League, but otherwise has not profiled.

Mkhitaryan failed to impress before moving to Arsenal.
Mkhitaryan failed to impress before moving to Arsenal.

He had apparently had a turbulent relationship with Mourinho, but was never good enough to make a long run in the starting eleven. 5

Paul Pogba – Juventus, £ 89m – 9th August 2016

Understandably, most of Mourinho's signings were extremely high. At times, the French national player has lit up and proven why he should be considered one of the best in the world.

But the consequence was the theme and performances like his man of the game are not regular enough. However, it is clear how important it is for United, how much he misses when he is injured outside. 6

For Paul Pogba it was a happy return to Manchester United.
For Paul Pogba it was a happy return to Manchester United.

Victor Lindelof – Benfica, £ 31m – June 15, 2017

He did not have enough opportunity to prove himself in his first season in the club, but after being impressed in the World Cup, he got a chance this season.

He looked vulnerable and shaky last season, but seems to have turned a corner in this campaign and is slowly establishing himself as one of Mourinho's first choice. There is still much to learn and improve, but the progress of the past season has been enormous. 6

Romelu Lukaku – Everton, £ 75m – 10th July 2017

Probably one of Mourinho's best signatures. He was heavily criticized, but scored 24 goals in his first season and is not a bad performance.

For the Belgian, however, this campaign has been a different story so far. Mourinho rightly dropped him for the game against Everton and he has not started a game since he sustained an injury.

It might just be a bad spot at the moment, but putting everything into context has been a solid and not spectacular start to his career in the United States. 7

Romelu Lukaku has impressed since the move of Everton.
Romelu Lukaku has impressed since the move of Everton.

Nemanja Matic – Chelsea, £ 40m – 31st July 2017

Cool, calm and relaxed. The former Chelsea man is a classic and has matured United's midfield.

He fits right into the team and does a good job week in United. I've just gone through a bad spot and definitely needs to be dropped, but he's been Mr. Consistent since signing for Mourinho. 8th

Alexis Sanchez – Arsenal, Swap Deal, January 22, 2018

He did not prevail in the second half of last season and has not yet achieved his form, which he showed at Arsenal. Had a look at his former self this season and should have started after his performance against Juventus with the derby. Requires a run in the team to find his trust and see if he can find his arsenal form. 5

Alexis Sanchez has no influence yet.
Alexis Sanchez has no influence yet.

Diogo Dalot – Porto, £ 19m, June 6, 2018

An exciting offspring that was signed as a long-term replacement for Antonio Valencia, but has yet to play due to injury.

He made his first team debut against Young Boys, where he looked promising. The injury has prevented Mourinho from further involving him since losing to Derby in the Carabao Cup. But too early to judge. N / A

Fred – Shakhtar Donetsk, £ 52 million, June 21, 2018

United looked forward to the pre-season tour and fit well in midfield when Andreas Pereira and Pogba took on his debut against Leicester.

Has shown a sense of quality, but too early to judge correctly since Mourinho has barely given him a chance since the horror show in Brighton at the start of the season. 6

Fred has to be given more time to show his potential at Manchester United.
Fred has to be given more time to show his potential at Manchester United.

Lee Grant – Stoke, £ 1.5m, 3 July 2018

Did not play for the first team, but was used as support for David De Gea and Sergio Romero and because of his tour performances, he is a practical offspring.

It is unlikely that he will get much first action on the team, but a skilful move to sign someone with experience so that other younger goalies can be loaned out. 6

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